EDITORIAL: Hey Sac State, wake the hell up


Adria Watson

The victim being treated by paramedics.

With one week of the semester completed, one thing is apparent that cannot be ignored: Sacramento State is still in summer mode.

It is normal for the semester to start out slow as things begin to transition from relaxation during the summer to being back for the fall semester. But this academic year, compared to others, has seen more silly, preventable mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Gone phishin’

Over 600 Sac State emails were compromised by phishing email that could easily be avoided with a more sophisticated cyber security system.

Between the emails from professors, administrators and President Robert Nelsen, there is more than enough sent to our inboxes that one email might pass our scam detectors and lead to viruses, malware or identity theft.

Students should be able to trust the emails they receive on their Sac State email as real and not have to question an email sent from their own campus. And student email addresses should be kept secure.

Look out below

A woman had a tree branch fall on her in front of the library as well. Really?

With a campus full of trees, there shouldn’t be concerns about a tree branch falling on a student while walking to class. Constant checkups on the condition of trees on campus is vital to keeping students safe from situations like this.

Luckily, the woman walked away unharmed, refusing to give her name to State Hornet reporters and promising to sue Sac State.

The curious case of the flying pizza (with ranch)

Lastly, football season began with a bang as a fight broke out at the first game of the season, which seemed to be more of a good old-fashioned food fight that not even your elementary school could resemble.

The fight apparently broke out after pizza was thrown, leading to ranch getting on someone’s shirt. The first impulse wasn’t for a napkin, paper towel or moist towelette, but to start throwing punches.

Once you quit giggling, imagine hearing that same story about another college. You’d think they were stupid, because it’s a stupid thing to fight about. Sac State has a history of stupid fights now, after two students traded blows over excessive sneezing in the library.

In conclusion

It seems after little over a week, silly mistakes and decisions continue to arise at another level that we aren’t accustomed to seeing.

But it is time to change out of our beach outfits and get into our Herky costumes. Summer’s over and it is time to wake up, act like an actual campus and prevent these stupid mistakes from coming up again.