OPINION: Unpopular opinions are also valid

Students should not be afraid of voicing out-of-favor views


Rin Carbin - The State Hornet

“No Ban, No Wall” protesters walk around Sacramento State College Republicans as they block their path during their on-campus march on Feb. 2.

Gabriel Ionica

There will be times in your life when you’re asked for your honest opinion, whether it be for an interview, or just because your friend wants to know what you think. In those times, it might feel difficult, or even uncomfortable, to give your honest opinion because it might come across as rude or simply mean-spirited, even if it isn’t your intention to appear that way.

While it may seem best to hide your opinion behind a facade, you should never feel forced to keep your thoughts a secret. Even if your opinion is vastly unpopular with those around you, it is nevertheless an opinion that deserves to be heard.

It might simply be that you’ve never been taught that your opinion is misinformed or ignorant, or that you didn’t intend to be mean-spirited to whomever you directed that opinion. Often times, people forget that we all have different life experiences, and our opinions are a result of those various experiences. If the person asking your opinion cannot understand that, then they should not be asking people for their honest opinion in the first place.

You can’t let your fears of being judged for what you think get in the way of how you act.  If, for example, you are very much against gay marriage for the simple fact that you were raised in a very religious family, that is fine. As long as you have a reason behind your opinion that isn’t hate or contempt, then your opinion has every right to be considered as valid.

You also can’t assume that you are the only one who holds that opinion. For all you know, you could be a part of a large group who all keep their views hidden because of the same fear of judgement by others who hold the majority opinion. If you make your views public, you’ll, in turn, make your group also feel like they’re not alone.

The key to all of this is ensuring that you’re being respectful. Of course, some opinions will be considered outlandish and offensive regardless of how they are presented. However, by ensuring that your ideas can be communicated without bringing harm to others, you allow for the opportunity to promote growth and understanding between communities that wouldn’t normally interact with each other.

It’s time for people to stop being passive about their viewpoints out of fear of saying the wrong thing. Don’t let others assume what you think, be open to challenging opposing views and create a more welcoming environment for all opinions.