May 26, 2017

Letter to the editor: Jim Bolt

To Sacramento State Administration and Facilities Management:

The Hornet is an indispensable part of the campus community (and beyond).  Ease of access to campus facilities, events, staff, and administration are critical for student reporters.  In the age of digital media, it is imperative that campus media be able to get to a story as it is developing.

KSSU student-run radio was established, in large part, due to Hornet reporters giving continuous coverage to the effort.  Hornet reporters came to numerous KSSU events (before there was even a physical station), interviewed various members of the campus administration, and student-radio leaders.  We had a very strong, on-going, and mutually beneficial relationship.

The Hornet kept the student-run radio movement front and center, for two years (1989-1991).  I have no doubt that the Hornet’s on campus office was paramount to KSSU’s success.

I understand space constraints.  KSSU’s first facilities were two tiny rooms in the library.  However, they were on campus and it made a tremendous difference.

I would like to urge you to find an on-campus solution for temporary Hornet offices.


Jim Bolt, ’91

KSSU Founder

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