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Rapper embraces college experience

Courtesy of Jenifer Vargas

December 5, 2014

Since fifth grade, writing poetry and rapping has been a passion of a local artist.Whether it be goofy rap lyrics or evocative spoken word, Luke Tailor writes exactly how he feels at any given moment on the page.“I write stuff and say it out loud,” said Tailor when defining his artistry. “I don...

Students and staff speak out on diversity

Kevin Hendricks

October 23, 2014

Race-related issues in America have always served as a hot-button topic. With the recent events occurring in Ferguson, Missouri, the topic of race is more prevalent than ever.Of the many discussions, one topic that continues to make way towards the front lines deals with people of color feeling inad...

Action and community take center stage at Org. Night.

Daniel Magalit

October 9, 2014

Community, unity and action were the main themes of Black Organization Night at Sacramento State on Oct. 3. and made it clear that even the smallest action could have a huge impact.Org. Night was held in the University Ballroom of the Union, with nearly 20 organizations performing and/or presenting....