Rapper embraces college experience

Courtesy of Jenifer Vargas

Since fifth grade, writing poetry and rapping has been a passion of a local artist.

Whether it be goofy rap lyrics or evocative spoken word, Luke Tailor writes exactly how he feels at any given moment on the page.

“I write stuff and say it out loud,” said Tailor when defining his artistry. “I don’t really try to censor what comes out. Unless I’m writing with a concept in mind… If not, I try to just let it happen and it comes out naturally.”

The process of writing, especially creative writing, is different for everyone. However, Luke Tailor’s process is different for every song.

“I get a bunch of beats and I just write and write. I know the idea of the project and I try to keep it to that theme but it doesn’t always stay there,” said Tailor.

Tailor believes the songs that shock people are the ones that stand out the most.

“I typically try to make the best music with a consistent sound. Once I have that, I go and make a couple of tracks that are just totally not that sound, just to throw a wrench in everything,” said Tailor. “I really like to mix it up.”

With tracks like “Villains” that add hard social commentary to a soft beat, it is easy to notice that Tailor’s words are truthful and potent.

“I know he is super passionate about his music, he treats it like an art,” said ethnic studies major Veronica Williams. “He tells stories about his personal experiences, not some lifestyle that he doesn’t know anything about.”

Tailor describes himself and his latest project as almost the epitome of rapper Asher Roth’s track “I love College” and says that it is about the truths of college students and their experiences.

As we can all assume, college is not only about education. It is about social experiences like drinking, sex, making friends and having conversations in and about these social settings and relating them all back to education.

It is the archetypal experiences of college and life that help give Tailor his truths.

“I’m a rapper who likes to think,” said Tailor. “I’m an honest rapper. I’m going to talk about what’s on my mind, whether it be a pun or whether it be about the socioeconomic status of minorities in this country, it will come out.”

Fellow musician Ayla “X Rainbow Warrior” Dozier, has known Tailor since he was in high school.

“[Tailor’s] flow incorporates a wide variety of hip-hop styles and his message is vulnerable and empowering,” said Dozier.

When asked what he wanted his fans to take away from his music, Tailor had a very simple response.

“I’m just like you,” said Tailor to his fans. “[And] that I’m trying to make sense of everything and let’s talk about [social issues]. We are all lost and I’m not afraid to admit that. I’m exploring life and that’s the life of a college kid.”

Tailor says that he wants to change the world but to find out how, it is best to listen to his music.

Even with heavy lyrics and truthful words, Tailor is not afraid to joke around and lighten up any situation.

He wants everyone to know they should support local artist. He wants his fans to know that he is just like them.

“Hold up, I think there’s more… I’m single,” laughed Tailor as the interview was ending.

Currently, Luke Tailor is signed to Sol Life music and working on his second project, titled “Bored of Education.” His first album “Textbook Money,” is available for download at luketailor.bandcamp.com.