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Vegetarians are going to rule the world

Brittney Christ

October 8, 2015

Clean eating to a better you! Clean eating is a new food movement that has been taking off, showcasing all over Instagram and Twitter. You have probably seen the hashtags #cleaneating and #farmtofork as you are scrolling through your feed. But what exactly is “clean eating”? According ...

Saigon Bay restaurant on campus serves up delicious pho

Minh Tran and Mimi Vo have taken over the responsibilities of having a restaurant and providing delicious Vietnamese cuisine to campus.

Monica Velez

February 4, 2015

Imagine the perfect cure to what seems like never-ending dehydration, headaches and a sensitive stomach as a result from the beverage choice last night: pho.Just in case there’s a chance of a 9 a.m. class Friday, when the night before was draining, the remedy is on the way to class at Saigon Bay Expr...

New downtown restaurant prepares gourmet dishes solely with vegetables

State Hornet Staff

April 17, 2014

With the goal of always wanting to try a different outtake in making dishes without the use of meat, executive chef Mike Thiemann is finally able to create  gourmet vegetarian food for Sacramento to enjoy.His restaurant Mother, located at 1023 K Street, opened in January and is bringing a different pers...

Baked Sriracha butternut squash fries spice up snack time

Jane Park

April 24, 2013

Whether you are counting calories or looking for something new to try, these baked sriracha butternut squash fries will make you look at regular french fries in a whole different way. I am always looking for new and healthy ways to incorporate more vegetables to my diet, and since I love the idea of making...

Staff pick: Opa! Opa!

Opa! Opa! sells healthy bites such as fresh hummus with pita bread.

Jane Park

April 18, 2013

Only minutes away from Sacramento State is a restaurant called Opa! Opa! This restaurant features Greek, Mediterranean and vegetarian-friendly food that’s perfect for anyone on any budget or who wants to try something new. Owner Mariann Isola said the idea behind opening the restaurant was trying to find t...

The Vegan Challenge: Week 1

Dante's food chart for his first week of veganism. He really likes avocados. 

Courtesy of Janice Daniels and Courtney Owen

March 16, 2012

Dante's first week of veganism was entertaining to watch. This is not only because at one point he was hurdled in a corner with two avocados and a spoon during lunchtime, or even his nonstop text messages with questions including "Where can I get vegan fast food?" What was most amusing was the slight suffer...

The Vegan Challenge: Introducing Dante Geoffrey

The Vegan Challenge: Week 3

Janice Daniels and Dante Geoffrey

March 9, 2012

Starting today, senior journalism major - and carnivore - Dante Geoffrey will begin a month-long journey of being vegan. In other words, he will be banned from eating anything that contains animal products including all meats, eggs and dairy. As I am vegan, and feel dramatically different since becoming ...

March is National Nutrition Month: Start snacking healthily

Popcorn is a great choice for healthy snacking. It is fiber-rich, whole grain and very low in fat. My favorite way to eat it is with sea salt or nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. 

Janice Daniels

March 2, 2012

If you haven't already, make March the month to think differently about the food you consume - it is National Nutrition Month you know. Being healthy is a never-ending process and not something that happens over night. It is important to start off small with things like snack choices. The snacks many of us ...

The cycle of health: make healthy choices while influencing others to do the same

Be firm with your choices about food and don't let others discourage you or make choices for you. 

Janice Daniels

February 24, 2012

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is telling people. Not just telling people you're losing weight, but telling people you are no longer going to eat the crap they serve you – especially when they're good friends and family. As I did more research on food and health, I stopped eating many...

‘Dessert’ the cholesterol

Janice Daniels

February 17, 2012

You must think I'm crazy. Actually, you probably think all vegans are crazy. When I say I'm vegan, you might think I'm a part of one of those cults that stand outside of Kentucky Fried Chicken with PETA picket signs; throwing paint on anyone who dares to walk by in a leather jacket. Not me. You also ...

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