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Student panel discusses holes in American history curriculum

Anna Agundez March 16, 2016

Students and historian present holes in academic history discipline on Wednesday March 9 in Hinde Auditorium in the University Union Last fall Chiitaanibah Johnson, a sophomore history major of...

More student parking on campus is necessary

Tiffany Martel October 17, 2015

With as many students as there are on the Sacramento State campus, one would assume there would be an appropriate number of parking spots. Especially during the start of the semester, students are...

Students prepare to climb the rock wall located inside the WELL during WELLcome Back event.

“WELLcome Back” Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

State Hornet Staff September 9, 2015

Sacramento State students came out in record breaking numbers to this year’s “WELLcome Back” event to celebrate the building’s 5th year anniversary."Hornets" swarmed throughout the facilities and...

ASI to open food pantry in fall

Christine Kittle June 25, 2015

Sacramento State Associated Students, Inc. is opening the Food Pantry, a new program, on campus for registered students starting in the fall 2015 Semester.“The Food Pantry will open in fall 2015 and...

ILLUSTRATION: Daydreaming student

State Hornet Staff October 22, 2013

300 dpi Lee Hulteng llustration of daydreaming student. MCT 2011krtnational national; krtworld world; krt; krtcampus campus; mctillustration; 05005002; 05005003; EDU; high school; junior high school; krteducation...

First-year student seminar class helps freshmen connect on campus

Imran Majid May 29, 2013

When Professor Peter Baird took his first-year student seminar class on a Peak Adventures rock climbing expedition in the spring, he was concerned the rainy weather would cause problems. Baird was happy...

Sac State professor arrested under suspicion of vehicular manslaughter

Sac State professor arrested under suspicion of vehicular manslaughter

Joe Davis May 7, 2013

Sacramento State associate Professor Jordan Peters was arrested at the scene of an accident in Roseville April 30 on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence, according...

Sac State 5k Fun Run kicks off today at the Well at 6 p.m.

A'talah Foster April 18, 2013

As the season starts to change and weather becomes warmer, more people in the Sacramento community are taking their exercise outdoors.While many enjoy working out in the gym, the on campus recreational...

Sacramento State business senior, Alison Turner, comforts Chico, whom she found in Browns Valley four years ago.

Woman is dogs’ best friend at Sac State student’s privately funded dog rescue

State Hornet Staff March 12, 2013

Three to four million cats and dogs - one every eight seconds - are put down in shelters around the United States every year, according to the Humane Society’s website. One way the rate of euthanasia...

Police respond to an extremely close parking incident in parking structure

Police respond to an extremely close parking incident in parking structure

Fabian Garcia February 28, 2013

For some people, parking on campus may be more challenging than it should be. Sacramento State campus police responded to a parking lot complaint today in Parking Structure II. According to campus police,...

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