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President Nelsen opens at Student Affairs meetings

Angel Kidka

September 14, 2015

The Student Affairs Divisional Meeting took place on Friday, Sept. 11 in Ballroom 1 in the University Union.President Robert Nelsen started the program with a speech about the importance of students and faculty and the obligation the university community has to ensure the well-being and success on campus....

Ed Mills selected as new vice president for Student Affairs

Gregory Allen

December 5, 2014

Edward Mills has been selected as the new vice president of Sacramento State's Student Affairs department.The former vice president for enrollment, Dr. Mills has been serving at Sac State since 2007. He said he was honored to be selected by President Gonzalez."This is the position that I've been working...

Dance marathon raises money for student emergency grant fund

Jasmine Alston

October 23, 2014

From glow sticks to colorful strobe lights and B-boys to a dancing cow, Sacramento State’s student advancement council kicks off the first dance marathon."Glow For Good" dance marathon took place Oct. 17 with the party going from 6 p.m. to midnight. The alumni center welcomed students to a place of ...

Sacramento State looks to improve academic advising for all students

State Hornet Staff

March 28, 2014

Sacramento State is piloting two new advising programs for transfer and resident students in an effort to increase the effective reach of academic advising.According to the Division of Planning Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, the Transfer Student Advising Program is intended to reach undec...

Vice President of Student Affairs appointed President of Hiram College

Patricia Carpenter

February 4, 2014

Lori Varlotta, Sacramento State University’s Senior Vice President for Planning, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, has been named as the next president of Hiram College.Varlotta signed a three-year contract and will begin her new position in August as the first female president at Hiram locate...

New tobacco-free policy stirs controversy

State Hornet Staff

January 28, 2014

Some students and faculty members remain in opposition of a new tobacco-free policy at Sacramento State.After last semester’s campaign led by the student-run organization, Hornets for a Healthy Hive, Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez and his staff studied the issue of tobacco use on campus and ...

Campus’ state of mental health examined more closely by faculty

Campus' state of mental health examined more closely by faculty

Imran Majid

April 16, 2013

While the Counseling and Psychological Services at Sacramento State is considered a model collegiate mental health program within the California State University system, some union representatives voiced frustration about the program and a recent employment switch. The Employment Assistance Program, a fr...

Plagiarism deserves condemnation and exposure, not student coddling

Editorial staff

November 30, 2011

Making the University Library a second home, spending more time studying than socializing to get the best grades possible is a sacrifice many students make. When midterms and finals get placed on the desk and a semester is on the line, all the preparation done beforehand will pay off. Or students ca...