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EDITORIAL: Take a Xanax, America

(Photo illustration by Joel Boland)
State Hornet November 4, 2016

America, you need to take a Xanax. Election seasons are adversarial, and they should be. The Democratic and Republican parties have vastly different views on the course our nation should take and partisan...

Fall brings academic struggles

Denise Barajas November 4, 2015

Midterm season is upon us once more and with it it brings a wave of anxiety, mental breakdowns and panic attacks for many students. Sadly, this is when students who optimistically took on too much...

Concert guide for the academically stressed

Album ciover collage
Nancy Rebolledo September 17, 2015

In between long weeks of studying and homework, students have the option to relax a little and enjoy a bit of their favorite music, live. Below are a few of the concerts in the surrounding Sacramento and...

Stressed Out? The Terminal Lounge is your next stop

Alyson Poveda September 14, 2015

Feeling tired or stressed out? There is a spot just for you.A survey by The Associated Press and mtvU in 2008 found that four in 10 college student were stressed. Because Sacramento State's priority is...

Yoga may help students relieve stress

Brittney Christ August 31, 2015

The first week of school can be an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful one as well. Many students turn to exercise to relieve stress and decompress.One popular exercise is yoga. It is taking...

When it comes to reading assignments sometimes less is more

State Hornet Staff November 12, 2013

Entering the college world, it was expected there would be hefty reading assignments. However, some professors expect obnoxious amounts of reading to be done in an unrealistic amount of time, resulting...

Finals stress begins to set in

Isabel Ward May 14, 2013

Cramming for tests, pulling all-nighters and worrying about failure are just some of the reasons college students at Sacramento State are on edge the last few weeks of the semester. Stress levels are on...

Author speaks to CSUS about ways to relieve stress, anxiety

Michael Hemenway October 23, 2012

Andra Medea, author of “Conflict Unraveled,” taught a workshop at Sacramento State last week on how to manage crises and stress. While the workshop was geared toward how administrators should handle...

Disconnecting from technology is a must for stress management

Ashley Jung April 4, 2012

While people-watching in the University Union with a couple friends, one might notice people are paying more attention to their phones than to their friends standing next to them.The constant attention...

Stress management important in college

Ashley Jung March 13, 2012

It’s around midnight on a Wednesday, about halfway through the spring semester and there is no option of sleep in the near future. Staying up all night, feeling overworked and cramming to get five classes...

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