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Course evaluations are vital for class improvements

State Hornet Staff March 11, 2014

Student course evaluations need to be taken seriously because without feedback, professors are unaware of necessary improvements and suggestions made by students. Professors are assigned full loads of...

Undeclared students will have less time to claim a major

State Hornet Staff February 4, 2014

Choosing a major in college is the first step to setting a career path. For some students, this task is much more daunting than for others – which leads to taking too long to declare a major and ultimately...

When it comes to reading assignments sometimes less is more

State Hornet Staff November 12, 2013

Entering the college world, it was expected there would be hefty reading assignments. However, some professors expect obnoxious amounts of reading to be done in an unrealistic amount of time, resulting...

Four year graduation expectations are unrealistic

Four year graduation expectations are unrealistic
Natalie Gray October 8, 2013

As incoming freshmen, most students were made to believe they could complete college in four years, but here at California State Universities, taking a steady 12 units each semester is considered a “full...

What the Heck? Is with school spirit?

James Heck October 2, 2012

When it comes to school participation at sporting events at Sacramento State, it is not the buzz of hornets I hear – it is the sound of crickets. I think a major problem with the lack of school participation...

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