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Sac State puts bids for Kenan Thompson as lecturer

Claudia Rivas

September 30, 2015

Now that fall has officially begun and the 2015-16 college school year progresses, NBCUniversal and Comcast Xfinity are teaming up to make this semester more entertaining.The companies are giving a lucky university the opportunity to have a guest lecture from NBC’s Saturday Night Live veteran, Ken...

Nickelodeon star brings the ‘90s back

Nickelodeon star brings the ‘90s back

State Hornet Staff

February 10, 2015

Kel Mitchell returns to the public’s radar with dance, song, and stand-up comedy, catching up fans with what’s been going on since his run on Nickelodeon ended.The ‘90s: a time of overalls, Tamagotchis, and iconic television shows on Nickelodeon such as “Rugrats,” “Doug,” and “Hey Arnold!...