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Female reported to have handgun at Sac State

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Morgan Cherry

March 2, 2016

Sacramento State police responded to a report of a fight in progress near Parking Structure III on Wednesday, March 2. The dispute took place at approximately 11:30 a.m. and involved two females, one of whom reportedly displayed a handgun. One of the women took the other woman’s handbag and ...

A fight breaks out in the stands at the Causeway Classic.

An unidentified man was taken to a local hospital after being involved in a fight that broke out in the student section. 

Joe Davis

November 24, 2013

During the 60th Causeway Classic Saturday, a fight broke out in the student section that left one man injured and as many as two people arrested. “It was initially an argument about some of the players,” said Sacramento State Police Lieutenant Dave Heaphy. “Some (players’) family members were th...

Fight shocks Sac State infielder

State Hornet Staff

February 27, 2013

Senior second baseman Andrew Ayers has done many things on the baseball diamond, but he said being involved in a fist fight was something brand new to him.In the third inning of Friday’s game against UC Riverside, Ayers and three Riverside players were ejected. According to NCAA rules, any players ...

Buzz of the Crowd: Reputation at risk following skirmish

State Hornet Staff

February 27, 2013

It took a fist fight for people to finally buzz about Sacramento State sports.The Hornets received national attention thanks in part to local news station KCRA and its video of a baseball fight between senior second baseman Andrew Ayers and UC Riverside shortstop Eddie Young.While every news outlet was c...

Opinion: Scrums in baseball an insult to game

State Hornet Staff

February 27, 2013

Baseball’s first rule book consisted of 20 rules written by William Wheaton and William Tucker of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club on Sept. 23, 1845. Together, they declared the game a gentlemanly pastime.Over the years, those words have lost meaning to many players.The earliest offense I can think of is ...