The State Hornet

What the Heck? Is with school spirit?

James Heck

October 3, 2012

When it comes to school participation at sporting events at Sacramento State, it is not the buzz of hornets I hear – it is the sound of crickets. I think a major problem with the lack of school participation in sports is the scarce advertising of games. Sure, there is often a large sign promoting a...

Water polo program absent as school neglects current pool

State Hornet Staff

September 19, 2012

When Sacramento State students think of the aquatics program, they often picture the rowing team floating down the American river in perfect unison or the fun summer days spent at the university’s aquatic center at Lake Natomas; popular water sports such as swimming, diving and water polo are widely ...

Bathrooms on campus a focus for improvement

Bathrooms on campus a focus for improvement

Jessika Robertson

April 11, 2012

With a 580-acre campus and more than 28,000 students, Sacramento State has a plethora of restroom locations to choose from. However, not all campus restrooms have been remodeled or renovated recently. Some of the buildings on campus such as Brighton Hall have curtain coverings instead of a standard stall doo...

Students need to make the most of paid fees

Artie Valenzuela

November 17, 2011

Shopping in every clearance aisle, using coupons for groceries and walking to school are all reasonable attempts to try and be frugal. Despite those efforts, you're still probably wasting money. Search tuition fees on MySacState and take a look at what you pay for. The paper you are reading costs $3 a se...

Ventilation systems receiving upgrade

Poul Larsen

October 26, 2011

Sacramento State's heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are taking a refresher course in energy management and control starting next month. In partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and U.S. Department of Energy, the Smart Grid project is in the initial phase of repla...

Cost of parking permits scheduled to increase

Sean Keister

May 12, 2011

The University Transportation and Parking Services announced today that the cost of parking permits for students, managers and administrators will increase. Effective July 1, 2011, the cost of permits will increase by 2 percent. Student semester permits will now cost $159 per semester and residence hall...