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Nickelodeon star brings the ‘90s back

Kel Mitchell brought back the '90s at Sac State with a live stand up show in the University’s Ballroom on Thursday Febuary 5, 2014. Kel kicked off the night with a giant dance party and brought many laughs to Sac State students.
State Hornet Staff February 10, 2015

Kel Mitchell returns to the public’s radar with dance, song, and stand-up comedy, catching up fans with what’s been going on since his run on Nickelodeon ended.The ‘90s: a time of overalls, Tamagotchis,...

Communications student dies from epileptic seizure

State Hornet Staff May 16, 2014

Sacramento State communication studies student died following an epileptic seizure on May 6.Russell Nowotenski, 24, worked as a lab assistant for Communication Studies Chair Steven Buss and was enrolled...

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