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Repairs on walkways throughout campus will improve safety for disabled students

State Hornet Staff

April 1, 2014

In a world not designed for your convenience, the ability to adapt is key. Certain parts of Sacramento State’s campus are not wheelchair, walker or even low-vision friendly. There are cracks in the paths around campus and there are parts are missing of the yellow strips – meant to guide the visual...

Fashion week in Sacramento brings inspiration to all people

State Hornet Staff

March 5, 2014

Fashion week has come and gone in Sacramento, but fashion for someone with a disability is a continuous adventure.Disability fashion comes with adaptation of all types, as well as an eye for what is current in the fashion world, but also what is comfortable.“I like to look good no matter what style ...

Students with disabilities are satisfied with accommodations

Jordon Griffin

February 5, 2014

Students at every college face obstacles along the path to a degree, but students with disabilities have to overcome a different set of challenges to reach their goal of graduating. Sacramento State offers accommodations to those with disabilities to help make the journey more comfortable. Co-director for the Se...