Repairs on walkways throughout campus will improve safety for disabled students

State Hornet Staff

In a world not designed for your convenience, the ability to adapt is key. 

Certain parts of Sacramento State’s campus are not wheelchair, walker or even low-vision friendly. There are cracks in the paths around campus and there are parts are missing of the yellow strips – meant to guide the visually impaired. 

Junior communications studies major, Sara Hooker said certain parts of campus are broken down, but that it is something she has adapted to. 

“I don’t know if it’s something the administration can do anything about, but honestly I’m used to it. Sac State is better than my high school was,” Hooker said. 

Luckily parts of campus that have cracks or missing chunks of asphalt are slowly getting repaired.

Senior liberal studies major, Michelle Bohlin, also said that the pathway in front of the theater is the most difficult part of campus for her. Unlike Hooker, though, Bohlin is able to use a walker meaning, while difficult, she is able to pick up her walker and navigate easier around all the cracks. 

Fortunately, Bohlin and Hooker will not have to deal with these issues on campus much longer. The sidewalk in front of the theater as well as in front of the Union have been repaired, at least minimally. Concrete has been used to fill the cracks that could cause a manual chair user to end up face first on the ground, and a person who uses a walker to go over their handlebars. 

As of two weeks ago other uneven pavement sections, such as in front of the Union and on the walkway to the dorms, are getting a new layer of concrete or are getting demolished and fully relaid. 

Thankfully this is finally getting done, but it makes one wonder how many complaints it took for these projects to get started and have these minor structural changes occur. 

The facilities staff and managers were unable to be reached for comment or explanation of the upgrades on campus.