The State Hornet

Ditching the pen and paper

Tiffany Martel

October 5, 2015

Looking back to 30 years ago, I don't think anyone would have ever thought how much technology would have evolved. The most "futuristic" fantasy we would have ever thought of or imagined was watching the cartoon, "The Jetsons". For many, the ideas on the show were unbelievable, because we would of ...

Rules for freshmen to survive their first year

Brittney Christ

September 3, 2015

If this is your first semester at college, you are probably overwhelmed with the sheer capacity of freshman year. You might be nervous, full of angst, or even just merely excited. However, there are many things in college that are severely different from high school, so you should go into it with an...

Students face monetary costs for skipping class

State Hornet Staff

March 5, 2014

When the thought of skipping a class crosses a student’s mind, the direct effect on a grade may be considered, but the monetary effect on not just themselves but the university as a whole can be overlooked.For a student who is enrolled in 12 units, a $3,300 tuition makes each unit approximately $275. So i...

First-year student seminar class helps freshmen connect on campus

Imran Majid

May 29, 2013

When Professor Peter Baird took his first-year student seminar class on a Peak Adventures rock climbing expedition in the spring, he was concerned the rainy weather would cause problems. Baird was happy to see his class of 25 freshman work together as a unit through the difficult activity, and nobod...

Sac State offers new yoga class for trauma survivors

Kaitlin Sansenbach

May 7, 2013

Stress relief, mentoring and coping were found within the Yoga for Trauma Survivors event held at the Well on Tuesday. This event was promoted as a safe haven for anyone who has survived any type of trauma including, but not limited to, sexual assault and domestic violence. Traditionally, yoga has an emph...

Self-defense class prepares students for real-life situations

Brett Johnson

May 4, 2011

Sacramento State students are taking the initiative to ensure safety by preparing themselves for potential assaults in the Well's self-defense class. Sac State's recently added self-defense program takes place over eight weeks, split into two different sessions. The course is held Tuesdays and Thursd...