Ditching the pen and paper

Tiffany Martel

Looking back to 30 years ago, I don’t think anyone would have ever thought how much technology would have evolved. The most “futuristic” fantasy we would have ever thought of or imagined was watching the cartoon, “The Jetsons”. For many, the ideas on the show were unbelievable, because we would of never thought of having a portable computer or being able to FaceTime another person who wasn’t right in front of you.

Technology today has evolved to its current potential, and it will keep growing day by day. Whether we like it or not is another story. But for many students, it’s what we use on a daily basis. Actually, it’s not even a daily basis, more like every hour on the hour. Students today are carrying their smartphones, laptops, tablets, recorders and more. The only problem is, when the students get to class or lecture, many professors do not allow students to use them in the classrooms.

When you first enter the class, many times the professor will go over the syllabus and explain the course material and explain what he or she does not allow. Nowadays, professors are saying not to have electronics in class. Yes, their reasoning can be true on why we shouldn’t have them. They explain to students that they can be distracting because of what people are actually looking up on the computers during class, or being on their cell phones instead of paying attention to lecture. Yes, it can get annoying and seem like no one is paying attention but most of the time, students are taking their electronics to class because that’s how they take notes or look up certain articles in class.

We should all be old enough to know how to act in class. I mean, we are 18 years or older. We shouldn’t have the professor telling us to pay attention to the lecture. We’re in school for a reason. We want to be here, so if we bring in our electronics to take down our notes, what is the problem?

Bringing in our electronics can actually be helpful in the long run, such as a recorder. Sometimes we can’t write fast enough to get everything the professor is going over, so if we were able to bring in a recorder it can only help us out. And it’s not just recorders, laptops or tablets are a huge asset as well. With being able to type out the notes, we are able to set a faster pace of getting all the information down and as well as being able to save our documents then be able to go to a printer to print out the copies.

I know it may seem that our knowledge for the old school note taking and paying attention in class maybe going out of style, but technology is just winning the race when it comes down to it. Technology is helping out students in so many ways, we just find it easier to bring our laptops instead of pen and paper. So maybe if the professors can just see students’ view on why bringing our electronics to class is easier, you’ll see a class full of screens and hear the patters of keys being pushed down from taking notes.