The State Hornet

Valentines and charity bloom on campus

Marvin Davis

February 11, 2016

In preparation for Valentine's Day, a number of clubs, fraternities and sororities started selling gifts to students; Not only for the holiday, but also for charity and fundraising. The student organizations had been selling their merchandise in the school's quad area. A variety of goods were ...

Halloween candy myths – no tricks just treats

State Hornet Staff

October 31, 2013

Everything you know about the dangers of Halloween are lies.Granted, we’re talking mostly about candy. You’ve probably experienced the following scene at least once.“You can’t have your candy until I’ve checked it,” your parents would say. No matter how much you implored them that there was no real ...

Enjoy a bite of sweets with these sushi treats

Miguel Lopez and Miguel Razo

November 7, 2012

Sushi originated in Southeast Asia where salt water was used to ferment fish, according to Tori Avey of PBS Food. This process preserved them for long periods of time sushi reached Japan in the seventh century, according to the sushi encyclopedia website ( The popularity o...

Satisfy sweet and salty cravings with this delicious treat

Jacquelin Everhart

October 24, 2012

Sweet and salty has always been a favorite combination of mine. When I discovered this recipe called for both of these elements, my mouth instantly watered. Reese’s pieces pretzel bark is a treat sure to satisfy your sweet craving. Just when you think the sugar is overwhelming, the salt from the cr...

Make your own candy bars at home

Miguel Lopez and Miguel Razo

October 24, 2012

Every experienced trick-or-treater knows which houses in the neighborhood give out the best or worst candy on Halloween. Giving out terrible candy or, even worse, fruit, can drive away throngs of future trick-or-treaters from knocking on your door on Halloween. To keep the costumed kids coming for years t...