Valentines and charity bloom on campus

Marvin Davis

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, a number of clubs, fraternities and sororities started selling gifts to students; Not only for the holiday, but also for charity and fundraising.

The student organizations had been selling their merchandise in the school’s quad area. A variety of goods were available for purchase including chocolates, flowers, cards and some unique projects like origami flowers.

One of the organizations is a business fraternity, which marketing major Bruce Mercado is a part of. He and his fraternity had been selling flowers as an effort to raise money for a business career fair.

“We have the fair biannually,” Mercado said. “What we’re trying to do is to have more events available for students.”

Another club that was fundraising is Circle K, a club that raises funds for charities that help children and does community service. They were selling origami flowers, with the proceeds they earned going to different charities such as Kiwanis House.

The original idea for making and selling the flowers came from a student two years ago, which is how long Circle K has been selling this particular item.

Volunteers from the club made the flowers and took turns selling when people were available.

When asked why he joined the club, James Hoong, a civil engineering sophomore, said, “I see it as an opportunity to gain experience to be a leader and to find new friends.”

Another club was raising money for a child development. They were selling Hershey’s chocolates wrapped in red cellophane on a stem made to look like individual red roses.

When asked how they started selling, child development major Wasila Karaouni said, “You have to get permission first before you can start selling in the quad.”

This club was also raising money for a career workshop.

“Right now we’re raising money for a career workshop that’s essentially for anyone who works or wants to work with children,” Karaouni said. “As for who is buying, it’s a little bit of everyone at the moment.”

Many students were making use of the different booths for Valentine’s Day.

“So far we’ve sold to around 46 people today and it’s a pretty even demographic of men and women,” Mercado said.

Most of the booths started selling on Monday and ended on Thursday, just before Valentine’s Day.