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David Demola’s last Weight Loss Wonderblog

March 16, 2010

div.imageRight,div.imagetop{display:none;} I've been going through depression for years, and finally I am getting help from Sacramento State's psychological counseling services. So I'm starting a blog...

Sheeba:The faded photograph of his dog that David Loret de Mola has carried in his wallet since 2001.:David Loret de Mola - State Hornet

One final goodbye to my best friend

March 16, 2010

It was 2001, and I was 14 years old. My family had gathered in the veterinarian's office. It was three months after we had moved to Folsom from New Hampshire. There was a mound of white fur with black...

VIDEO: David Demola’s Weight Loss Wonderblog – Diets and stress

February 25, 2010

div.imageRight,div.imagetop{display:none;} Snack foods tend not to last long, in my home. It's the price I've always paid for being a stress eater. It feels like a natural impulse to grab a bag of pretzels...

VIDEO: Public Health Club gives condoms to students

February 11, 2010

The Public Health Club passed out condoms to students today at the University Union to encourage them to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. div.imageRight,div.imagetop{display:none;}...

BLOG: David Demola’s Weight Loss Wonderblog No. 5

February 10, 2010

It was decided. Football was to be played in Southern California as part of a celebration of my friend's birthday. Teams of four lined up against one another, as we took to the field. A few touchdowns...

Cuban children playing baseball:Children playing baseball on a street in Havana, Cuba.:McClatchy Tribune

It?s time to end our embargo with Cuba

February 9, 2010

I am a first-generation Cuban-American. My father, Enrique Fausto Loret de Mola, was there to see Fidel Castro take over his home country. He heard the gunfire, the troops of Fulgencio Batista, the dictator...

David Demola’s Weight Loss Wonderblog No. 3

November 19, 2009

Making the decision to lose weight, when you have never cared how heavy you were before, is a big change to make. It requires you to shut off your basic instinct, when it comes to choosing what to eat....

David Demola’s Weight Loss Wonderblog No. 2

November 5, 2009

While in Austin, Texas for the National College Media Convention, I had a chance to roam around the city with a few of my fellow editors from The State Hornet. It was all on-foot. Yes, we could have caught...

David Demola’s Weight Loss Wonderblog No. 1

October 28, 2009

It was during my second year at American River College that the idea of health was brought up in a psychology class. This idea didn't just relate to exercise or proper diet. The theory hit every part of...

WPJ is an improvement on WPE

May 24, 2009

Over my two years here at Sacramento State, I've heard people talk about how the administration doesn't care about its students. A recent change in our graduation requirements is a good first step toward...

Sick? Just Drink H20

May 12, 2009

We're all going to need a spoonful of sugar to help our water go down if recent dumping trends continue. An Associated Press investigation found at least 271 million pounds of pharmaceutical chemicals...

Depression doesn’t have to end your life

May 5, 2009

It seems surreal to me now, but when I was 14 years old, I held a kitchen knife to my throat ready to kill myself. I was a young teenager and the previous six years of my life had been a quick drop into...

Ripe for the harvest

Ripe for the harvest

April 21, 2009

There's a little pink sticker on my driver's license. It's there to tell doctors that when I die my organs can be donated to people who need transplants. Next time I renew my driver's license, I'm taking...

Bernard Madoff arrives at federal court on March 12 in New York City.:McClatchy Tribune

Punishment will not fit crime

March 25, 2009

Bernie Madoff, welcome to the Hotel California where nightmares in the American Dream go to fade away. Madoff has been all over the news recently for pleading guilty to bilking thousands of people for...

Coldplay and Joe Santriani: Plagiarism or coincidence?

March 23, 2009

We've all seen the little sections in course syllabi that talk about plagiarism. Avoiding plagiarism in the classroom is pretty easy: don't copy huge chunks of text, cite your sources and include a page...

Does Gonzalez deserve ‘Businessman of the Year’ award?

March 18, 2009

For the life of me, I couldn't tell you why Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez was given the Businessman of the Year award by the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. There were two other...

POLITICS: File Sharers Aren’t Thieves

March 17, 2009

Get your jaunty eye-patches ready, it's pirate season here in the United States. And no, I'm not talking about baseball. I'm talking about the Pirate Bay trials. is reporting that Four defense...

150 years later evolution still faces intense debate

150 years later evolution still faces intense debate

March 10, 2009

If you think evolution is something that directly defies God - or almost any other deity - you couldn't be more wrong. It's been 150 years since Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" was published....

Where a nerd can be a nerd

February 26, 2009

We are the nerds and dorks; the social outliers of society. But now we have formed our own meeting places. We have created safe havens from judgment. Hotel lobbies filled with people who enjoy things like...

Real life caped crusaders protect the streets of America

February 25, 2009

Dozens, maybe even hundreds, of superheroes protect America's streets every day. No, this isn't a promotional article for the upcoming "Watchmen" movie. This is real life. These brave costumed activists...

CSU should focus on education, not expediency

February 18, 2009

Associated Students Inc. and the California State Student Association are both challenging an executive order that would make major changes to the California State University class retake policy. The order,...

Federal bailout not the best fix for California’s budget crisis

February 5, 2009

The new federal economic stimulus package is sitting in the Senate right now, and if passed, could result in California getting billions of dollars. This $819 billion plan comes just in time for California....

Fee increases leave students facing tough choices at CSU

January 28, 2009

Students in the California State University system are facing another fee increase for the 2009-10 school year. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest budget proposal calls for a permanent budget reduction...

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