Hot hits for summer

A top ten list of songs to listen to


Madelaine Church

Here are 10 songs you need to listen to this summer. From the timeless classic of “Surfin” USA” to the modern hits such as “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, this is a playlist everyone can enjoy this summer. (Graphic created in Canva by Madelaine Church)

Some song suggestions may contain themes and language not appropriate for all ages. 

Summer, summer, summer is finally here Hornets!

School is officially out! It’s time for students to empty their backpacks, grab their sunscreen and jam out.

Who is ready to upgrade their summer playlist? 

Here are 10 songs everyone needs to listen to in the summertime when the weather is hot:

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1. ‘Surfin’ U.S.A.’ -The Beach Boys

The cover of the Beach Boys album “Surfin’ U.S.A.” The album features “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” “Noble Surfer” and “Lonely Sea.”(Photo courtesy of Capitol Records; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

It’s time to hit the waves! For anyone who loves to surf, this is the perfect song to listen to. 

The classic surfer-rock song “Surfin USA” was released in 1989 by The Beach Boys and provides a collection of different locations to surf. 

Primarily based on the west coast, listeners can take a summer-surfing trip from home as The Beach Boys sing each location. 

2. ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’ – Dayglow

Dayglow’s album cover “Fuzzy Brain” was released in 2019. The album features songs such as “Can I Call You Tonight?”, “Dear Friend” and “False Direction.” (Photo courtesy of AWAL and Very Nice Records; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

Dayglow expresses his frustration by conveying emotion and intentions in this breezy summer tune. Hence, why he wants to call the person and help determine what’s real. 

Students have many decisions to make in life, whether it’s related to school or their personal lives. This song is the go-to listen to help anyone clear the mind and have an outlet to express their emotions. 

3. ‘Walking On Sunshine’ – Katrina & The Waves

The cover of the album “Katrina and The Waves” by the band “Katrina and The Waves.” This album was released in 1985 and has songs such as “Walking On Sunshine,” “The Game Of Love” and “Do You Want Crying.” (Photo courtesy of Capitol Records; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

“Walking On Sunshine” is the perfect song to help lift students’ spirits this summer! So many positive things are happening during this season and this song conveys the meaning of an individual experiencing that extreme feeling of happiness. 

I highly recommend listening to this nostalgic, upbeat song to brighten the mood. It’s a foot-tapping song no one can resist smiling and dancing.

4. ‘Anything You Want’- JAWNY

The cover of Jawny’s single song “Anything You Want” that was released in 2020. This song has over 37 million streams on Spotify. (Photo courtesy of Interscope Records; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

This song will give listeners anything they want, which is a good time! ‘’Anything You Want’ delivers an upbeat funk that many listeners can enjoy. It creates the nostalgic feeling of being a teenager during the summer time. 

In this track, JAWNY expresses his undevoted love to someone and promises to make them happy, an ideal summer-tune setup. 

Add this Indie rock song into the rotation to bring a funky vibe to any summer playlist.

5. ‘Summertime Blues’ – Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran’s cover from his album “12 of his biggest hits” that was published in 1960. This debut single was released in 1959. (Photo courtesy of Gold Star Studios; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

Got a case of the summer blues? This song tells the story of a boy wanting to go out with his girlfriend but his parents won’t let him use the car since he didn’t go to work. 

This song can resonate with many listeners, many students are separated from their friends and partners during summer break and it can be very frustrating and lonely. 

I encourage anyone experiencing the old case of summer blues to listen to this song.

6. ‘California Gurls’ -Katy Perry and Snoop Dog

Katy Perry’s cover from her album “Teenage Dream” that was published in 2010. This album is named after Perry’s single “Teenage Dream.” (Photo courtesy of Conway Recording Studios; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

This song is the national anthem of summer and a lively pop song to play at the beach. 

“California Gurls” was released in 2010 in Katy Perry’s album “Teenage Dream.” Perry reported to MTV that this song was an answer to Jay Z and Alica Keys’ “Empire State Of Mind” 

Perry said she was jealous of the attention the East Coast was receiving and created a song to put California in the spotlight.

Now is the perfect time to blast this song, so make this summer unforgettable while jamming out with Katy Perry!

7. ‘I Ain’t Worried’ – OneRepublic

The cover of OneRepublic’s single “I Ain’t Worried.” This song was released in 2022 and was featured in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick.” (Photo courtesy of Interscope Records; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

Now that school is over, there is less to worry about! “I Ain’t Worried” is about not worrying about time and living in the moment. OneRepublic released this song in 2022 and was shown in theaters in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick.” This was one of the biggest summer blockbusters last year.

This is a perfect song to help students let go of their worries. It’s time to take a break and relax!

8. Do You Believe In Magic?’ – The Lovin’ Spoonful

The Lovin Spoonful’s cover from their album “Do You Believe In Magic?”. Their single “Do You Believe In Magic?” was featured in “The Parent Trap,” “American Pie,” “Temple Grandin” and so much more. (Photo courtesy of Kama Sutra Label; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

This two-minute American classic rock song is about the declaration of appreciating the little things in life. The title “Do You Believe In Magic?” sets the tone of the song. 

For many people, the uplifting tone of this song will blast them back into time. This song is a timeless classic and needs to be added to all summer playlists. 

9. ‘School’s Out’- Alice Cooper

The cover of Alice Cooper’s album “School’s Out.” This album was released in 1972 as their fifth album. (Photo courtesy of Record Plant; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

It’s time for students to empty their backpacks and jump in the pool cause school’s out! 

This rock song from 1972 is about the academic year coming to a close and is perfect for graduating Hornets to listen to. “School’s Out” indicates that the academic year has not only come to an end for the summer, but forever.

10. ‘Summer Soft’- Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s album cover “Songs Key In Life.” This was Stevie Wonder’s 18th album and features songs such as “Summer Soft,” “Sir Duke” and “If It’s Magic.” (Photo courtesy of Hollywood Record Planet; graphic created in Canva by Mercy Sosa)

This R&B tune takes listeners through the journey of finding love and grieving loss. Listening to this song teaches the listener that change can be beautiful and bittersweet as Stevie Wonder tells the story of the seasons passing. 

Many graduating students are enduring the end of their college careers and are now going through the bittersweet grief of starting their lives without academics.

Why not kick off that final summer of college, or first summer of freedom, with Stevie Wonder and the rest of The State Hornet’s summer vibes?