State Hornet Broadcast: Farewell for now

Kris Hall

Alexis Pedroza and Ruth Finch

The end of the semester meets the end of Sacramento State president Robert Nelsen’s career as a CSU administrator. As he makes his leave, so too will senior administrators Ed Mills and Lisa Cardoza.

Female identifying students at Sac State are still worried about campus safety despite last month’s town hall. After a bout of antisemitism and sexual assaults, students don’t feel safe on campus.

The Student Fashion Association held a fashion show on April 23 using upcycled and sustainable materials. Students were models and designers for the program’s second show since returning from the pandemic. 

Newsletter editor Gavin Hudson released another critique of a modern film for his column The Big Picture. Hudson delivered high praise for 2022’s “The Batman.” A spinoff featuring Colin Farrell’s character, The Penguin, was just confirmed by Warner Brothers.

Spanish editor Mercy Sosa and DEI editor Elizabeth Meza danced the night away at a salsa dancing class hosted by the Salsa Loca club. Students salsa-ed ‘til sundown as they learned to dance on top of parking structure three next to The WELL.

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