State Hornet broadcast: Strife in campus life

Kris Hall, Justine Chahal, Alyssa Branum, Lauren Reagan, Michael Pacheco, Fernando Navarrete, and Ruth Finch

This week in campus life at Sac State; here’s what you missed:

A protest broke out last week between Project Truth, a religious group that argues for the end of abortion access, students on campus and several third-party religious demonstrators. Members of the Sac State PRIDE Center spoke out about their experiences during the protest.

Police officers stood by the gathering to make sure the engagement was peaceful and to de-escalate.

Sexual Assaults from last semester motivated students to demand change to make the campus a safer place for students. A march against sexual assault occurred Thursday night as students walked the darkest route on campus from The WELL to Sacramento Hall to make their voices heard.

Sexual Violence Awareness Team committee member Michael Lee-Chang spoke with the State Hornet about ways students on campus can feel safe and put an end to these assaults.