Car chase ends at Hornet Commons, March Madness 2022 and more: STATE HORNET PODCAST


Mack Ervin III

Podcast editor Mack Ervin III hosts this week’s edition of The State Hornet Podcast and breaks down the latest news and headlines from the newsroom.

Major headlines for this week include a man who was  arrested after a high-speed car chase ended in  the Hornet Commons parking lot, Commons residents not being able to find parking despite holding permits, a review of the play “Fences” and the State Hornet’s 2022 edition of March Madness.

Music: Acid Jazz by Kevin Macleod 


Show Notes:

Man arrested after leading police in high-speed chase through campus

Hornet Commons residents say that parking on property has been a constant struggle

Sac State-adjacent Tower Brewing’s open mic night ends two-year hiatus

REVIEW: August Wilson’s ‘Fences’ at Sacramento Theatre Company

March Madness 2022: Top movie franchise edition