PHOTOS: Trump supporters rally in downtown Sacramento for third consecutive week

Demonstrations lead to two violent altercations and an order to disburse from Cesar Chavez Plaza


Ian Ratliff

A Trump supporter clashes with other members of his group where were all protesting the election results in Sacramento, California, Saturday Nov. 21, 2020. The argument was over the police action taken against the marchers at Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Sara Nevis, Ian Ratliff, and Dominic Vitiello

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered Saturday at the Capitol to protest the results of the 2020 election in the latest in a series of rallies at state capitols across the nation.

Over an hour after the start of the rally, counter-protesters arrived at the police barricade at 10th and L Street. Proud Boys and Trump supporters faced off with the counter-protesters and the two groups were kept separated by a line of Sacramento Police Department officers.

Trump supporters then marched down 10th Street and up to Cesar Chavez Plaza where a fight started between a Proud Boy and a counter-protester, which was broken up by police.

The gathering of about 200 was deemed an unlawful assemblage and was dispersed by the Sacramento Police Department forcing the rally back to the Capitol, separating pro-Trump protesters from counter-protesters.