THE LO-DOWN: I played my own version of ‘The Bachelorette’ on Bumble

Clare Crawley isn’t the only bachelorette from Sacramento


Makenna Roy

Graphic by Makenna Roy. Illustration by Tara Gnewikow.

Lauren Vannucci

Calling Bachelor nation! 

I am a die-hard “Bachelor” fan. 

This season we have a Sacramento-native representative, Clare Crawley, as the Bachelorette. I have been watching Clare since she was on Juan Pablo’s season and remember the iconic breakup like it was yesterday.

So I thought… What if I hosted my own version of “The Bachelorette” on Bumble? Bumble is a dating app where women make the first move if you match.  

Think of this as like “Bachelor” speed-dating. Winner gets a virtual *hi-five*

I chose 10 guys who I matched with on Bumble and agreed to act as my contestants 

(out of respect for their privacy, I will not be releasing any pictures).

ROUND 1: Meet the guys 

Greg, 29: Loves tacos and margs. 

Adam, 24: GREAT smile (dimples). 

Michael, 24: Looks like he loves to have fun!! His pictures show him outdoors, working and overall looks like a great time. 

Alex, 26: He is sooo witty! I love a humorous guy.

Kyle, 26: His first picture caught my eye from the start. Great lighting, city behind him, a really handsome dude!

Ryan, 27: SUCH A CUTIE! And his first pic had a baby goat. I’m obsessed. 

Roberto, 25: He has a really cute dog and seems intelligent.

Tom, 23: His bio just screams dry humor! I am a sucker for a funny guy. 

Anwesh, 29: This dude seems full of tricks, a triple-threat in my eyes!

First impression rose: Ryan

He marked all the boxes off my checklist. His charm pulled me in from the start and definitely made a great first impression. His warm and engaging responses made me feel comfortable to continue messaging him. A definite takeaway here folks. 

Elimination: Michael 

I appreciate him willing to participate, but I didn’t feel any spark or connection from our DMs. He also doesn’t like cherry tomatoes. Definite deal breaker for me. I eat them like candy.



Be still my heart. He totally won me over by emphasizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that beauty goes farther than just physical aspects. I really enjoyed messaging with him. His answer to this was so genuine and really made me believe he was a good guy. 


Let me disclose this first… HEIGHT IS NOT A DEAL BREAKER FOR ME. But as I have mentioned in my previous articles, I am a tall gal! I am 5’8” (prob more like 5’9” if we break out the measuring tape) and I like to wear heels and platform shoes, lol.

Greg, 29: 6’2” 

Adam, 24: 6’1”

Alex, 26: 6’3”

Kyle, 26: 6’0”

Ryan, 27: 5’10”

Roberto, 25: 6’2”

Tom, 23: 6’4”

Anwesh, 29: 5’8”

Group date rose: Kyle 


WE LOVE TO SEE IT! This was the first question I asked even though height is displayed in their profile already. When I was swiping and matching with these guys I was trying to go by the values displayed on their profile. This guy owned his height and delivered it confidently. 

Elimination: Adam

I don’t know if I am being overly sensitive, or if he found it silly that I was asking the question, but the dryness of his answer made me feel kind of icky. Also… He is a Cancer guy. I’m a Cancer. Adam, I wish you the best of luck, but I feel like our emotions paired together would be a recipe for DISASTER. 



Like I said above, I am a Cancer to the core. I am loyal, sensitive, empathetic and caring not to play myself up or anything. I swear the guys I have dated in the past always have connections to their zodiac. 

Greg, 29: Taurus

Alex, 26: (By convo I’m guessing Aries)

Kyle, 26: (Didn’t say and I couldn’t get a good read)

Ryan, 27: Virgo

Roberto, 25: Leo

Tom, 23: Sagittarius 

Anwesh, 29: Sagittarius

Winner: Greg 

In true Taurus fashion, he showed me he looks at life glass half full! He was warm, friendly and definitely intriguing. My mom is a Taurus so I know the sign quite well. They give their 100% effort at anything they take on in life. 


Now Anwesh did his research (probably a quick look over my profile). He made me feel really special right away. I love to express my individuality through my style and appearance. Style is not a deal-breaker quality when I am dating because trust me, I will love to shop for you. But it is something that is important to me and I love it when I feel like my interests are acknowledged and important to who I am dating! 

Elimination: Kyle and Roberto 

I sent Kyle home because he stopped responding after a while and I just didn’t make that genuine connection. Chris Harrison is always pushing the contestants to make connections so I had to make the call. I feel like he might be a Capricorn, but idk though. 

Roberto is a Leo. I like Leos. My dad is a Leo. But I don’t have a lot of close people in my life who are Leos. It’s often hard to recognize and appreciate each other’s differences when it comes to our personalities. My dad accepts me because, well, he’s my dad so he has to. But I got ghosted after this so… 


GROUP DATE: Hobbies and interests

Greg, 29: Fitness and art

Alex, 26: Travelling

Ryan, 27: Being in the outdoors

Tom, 23: Hiking

Anwesh, 29: Cooking, fitness and road trips

Interests are huge for me. I am a “girly-girl” at heart, so I don’t really expect guys to be into everything I’m into, like makeup or fashion. However, whatever my significant other is interested in, I will try my best to appreciate what they’re into as long as they act interested in what I like. 

Winner: Anwesh 

He is so well-rounded! His profile right away shows all the things he enjoys and makes it easier for me to make conversation with him and I am also able to connect with him about similar things we might enjoy!


Greg is a smart guy. He is so established, but also enjoys art. He sent me his paintings and they blew me away. He made a career out of something he excels in and has a hobby he falls back on.

I also look for someone who will support me in my career and not hold me back on my future goals and dreams. 

Elimination: Ryan and Alex

As we’re getting further into who I choose to be the winner, I don’t think Ryan and I have a lot of similarities. We enjoy different things to do in our free time and he really likes to spend time outdoors. I like it to an extent, but my severe seasonal allergies get in the way of outdoor adventuring for me. 

Alex is such a sweet stand-up guy! I really hate to see him go, but he has big goals in the near future. And so do I. You know when they say the right person at the wrong time? I think that’s Alex and me. Maybe I will see you in the Big Apple someday Alex. Until we meet again… 

FINAL ROUND: Seeking qualities

Greg, 29: Loyalty

Tom, 23: Honesty, goofiness, loving

Anwesh, 29: Kindness or self-awareness

Second runner-up: Tom 

What a sweetie! He is handsome and kind, and I think we are compatible personality-wise, however… I don’t think we share a lot of similarities on what we enjoy. I want someone who is a co-partner and who I could do things I enjoy with. 

Runner-up: Anwesh

I feel as if Anwesh and I are almost too similar. He is so bright and outgoing! I just don’t think I would be the right girl for him. He is already so accomplished in life and has more goals he’s aiming toward and I am just getting started. I hope he finds someone who will support him in all his endeavors because this is a quality dude. 

Final rose: Greg!

He seems like a really grounded person who has always kept his life goals as his top priority. He was sweet and charismatic, but did not seem SO over-the-top. We only messaged back-and-forth a few times, but I definitely got a sense of his overall personality from our conversations. 

My experience playing the Bachelorette

Your first impression is everything! Keep conversation fun and keep it moving. Don’t be afraid to trust the process. Don’t force a connection if it isn’t 100% there. Life is too short to stay in a relationship that doesn’t give you everything you want. 

“The best piece of advice I can say is I personally would rather be spending 20 years with the man of my dreams being wholly loved for who I am rather than 50, 60 years with the wrong man” – Clare Crawley.  

Be kind! And be awesome! You’re all hot, ily <3