SHIAVON’S JAWN: ‘Insecure’ is back and Kelli is still the best character

Messy see, messy do


Graphic by Brooke Uhlenhop

Shiavon Chatman, Opinion Editor

After a year and half, we finally have our Insecure Sundays back! It’s season four and everybody looks seasoned and paid. 

“Insecure” is an HBO scripted series about Issa Rae, a 30-something living in Los Angeles tackling life of day parties, being the cheater in a long-term relationship and not being OK with not knowing who you are in your early thirties.

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We last saw hot-mess Issa when she was planning a block party for the beautiful Black residents of Inglewood and searching for closure from her… not-so-ex boyfriend? 

They never technically dated but we’ve all been there, where you’re talking to someone who isn’t really your significant other but if they wake up before you and don’t send a good morning text or they go out with the boys and there’s a mystery girl in the background of all the snaps –– there will be trouble.

You know you’ve been there. You might still be there. 

This guy for Issa was Nathan, played by quintessential lightskin ting, Kendrick Sampson.  

Issa and her best friend, Molly, played by Nigerian, DMX loving queen Yvonne Oriji, started “self-care Sundays” – a combination of yoga, the latest life updates and smoking weed. This sounds like the perfect day with your bestie but this is actually a flashback. 

The episode starts off with Issa on the phone watching this season’s new fictional television show in the “Insecure” universe. On her phone call, Issa says, “I don’t really fuck with Molly no more.” GASP. And then the series jumps back four months. 

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For the block party, Issa teams up with Condola, a public relations specialist who is now smashing her lazy ex-boyfriend, Lawrence. The two of them did not know about their unfortunate common interest, until Tiffany, Issa’s pregnant bougie friend, spilled it. Tiffany is played by everybody’s favorite hotep, Amanda Seales. 

After her string of inconsistent relationships, Issa finds someone to scratch her itch and who is hilariously supportive of her business ventures. Issa gets a friend with benefits partner (sans the friend and benefits part) in “TSA bae,” who is also her security guard. Their first interaction this season is finding the perfect position (missionary, anyone?) and him gifting her some TSA-lifted Hennessy. He sounds like a keeper to me. Can you turn a hoe into a house husband? Stay tuned.

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On the other side of the “Insecure” universe, Molly learns her new Asian bae is also dating other people. After being enlightened, she awkwardly squeaked, “I see you playa,” and I related way too hard to that. Finding out a guy you’re really interested in is dating other people, feels like the Queen Latifah shootout scene in “Set it Off.” It hurts like a bitch and you’re trying not to act like it’s killing you. 

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The beginning of the strain of Molly and Issa’s relationship gets a bit clearer at the end of the episode. After the disastrous fundraising party turned out to be a success, Molly scolds Issa like a child after learning she’s working with Lawrence’s girlfriend. 

She tells her she thinks she stays in messy situations like this because she secretly loves it. And that is tea because it’s spot on. Issa’s life has been so rocky and she is the common denominator in all her problems. But can we be happy and celebrate our friends when they achieve great things before we throw shade?

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I am so excited for this season because it looks like we’re taking a deeper dive into these characters and seeing them at their most vulnerable. But, I will be rioting if Daniel — the Black king Issa cheated on Lawrence with played by Y’lan Noel — does not appear on my screen soon. 

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Kelli is still the best part of this show beside Daniel’s smile. Plus, my Housewives faves Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams are starring in the series’ fictional television show. I can’t wait.