SHIAVON’S JAWN: How ‘INSECURE’ is your bestie?

Clap back at your messy friends


Graphic by Brooke Uhlenhop

Shiavon Chatman, Opinion editor

I just want to say how proud I am of Issa for looking past Condola dating her ex. What kind of person would stop a bag over a man you were supporting financially only three years ago? 

Molly. That’s who. 

But I’ll get back to her in a minute. Issa and Condola found that jokingly clowning Lawrence brings them closer together. They are giving me beginner bestie vibes and I love it. But, when Lawrence learns the two have been talking about him he drives all the way to Issa’s apartment (extremely inappropriate) to tell her not to bring up his name. This is cornball behavior. 

That tells me his relationship with Condola isn’t secure enough to talk about his feelings. And he’s worried that Issa is going to tell Condola how much of a lazy bum he was. He didn’t work, never changed his shirt, never got a haircut and forgot Issa’s birthday. He’s a bum and he still is. He’s going to cheat on her. I know it. 

She built the man he is today and his current girlfriend is getting all the benefits of it. You hate to see it.

He told Issa not to tell Condola that they met up, which I’m sure he would not appreciate if that were done to him. Keep me out of your relationship. 

I wouldn’t have called Lawrence to ask if it were OK to tell Condola about their meetup, because you have no loyalty to an ex once you break up. Just make sure to keep their secrets. To be cordial is to be classy. 

OK back to messy Molly. She throws it back for Asian bae in the first scene of the episode and of course has an issue. She tells her friends that she doesn’t want to just have a sexual relationship with him. She wants depth. She wants someone she can talk to. Someone that will open up to her because her past relationships have been very surface -level. Great sex, but surface level. I totally understand wanting more, but you can’t expect more from someone that is not ready to give it to you. 

Instead of accepting his invite to the Summer Walker concert, she says she wants a night in so they can connect on a deeper level. She begins to pry into his family life which that he is obviously uncomfortable with, and doesn’t give up when he kindly asks her not to. She then tells him he lacks depth. He leaves to go to the concert (hopefully with someone else) but before leaving he tells her that she’s never satisfied. She has an issue with everything. 

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Bingo. People don’t like getting called out on their shit especially when they think they’re holier than thou by calling you out. To be honest, they’re both a hot mess. He’s emotionally unavailable and she’s jealous and needy. What a beautiful combination. 

Molly reluctantly joins Issa and Condola for dinner, where she learns their relationship is getting much tighter. The whole my-best-friend-can’t-have-any-other-friends trope is very tacky. We’re supporting our best friends cultivating healthy friendships in 2020, OK? 

The episode ends with Molly and Issa hiking for self-care Sunday. Once Issa learns about Molly’s latest dating issue, she calls her out and says the exact same thing Asian bae said. 

She has an issue with everything. I think Issa is so quick easy to see this in her friend because she experienced the same thing a couple years earlier. But she was able to grow from her mistakes and I truly believe that’s all she wants for Molly. 

But, I also think they’ve outgrown each other. Because there is no way I would let my best friend speak to me the way Issa and Molly speak to each other. We’re cool and I love you but don’t get reckless. 

It’s OK to outgrow friendships and find new ones. But don’t sneak diss and attack them disguised as genuine advice. You’ll be as corny as Lawrence if you do that. 

This episode went by in the blink of an eye but Kelli dressed as Halle Berry from B.A.P.S. was a delight to watch. 

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R.I.P to Issa’s friends-with-benefits relationship with TSA bae. Issa is choosing herself this season and I am loving it. She said she’s too good to be hooking up with a man with two kids and one on the way. We all deserve better (you too Condola). Go find it. See you next week.