First-year students at Desmond Hall share dorm experiences

Roughly 250 first-year students reside in early 90s themed dorm


Brittney Delgado - The State Hornet

Desmond Hall, founded in 1991, is one of six residence halls where first-year students at Sac State can live on campus.

Aaron Jackson

More than 2,100 of the 31,191 students enrolled at Sacramento State live in college-owned or college-operated housing, according to Michael Speros, executive director of university housing.

Desmond Hall houses approximately 250 of those students in double-occupancy rooms.

Desmond Hall, built in 1991, is one of six residence halls where first-year students at Sac State can live on campus, and provides parking right in front of the dorm.

“It’s a lot quieter than I expected it to be, and I like it from the sense of not having distractions and you can focus on your work,” said Nicolas Sibilla, a freshman Desmond resident. “I love the rec room, where we have the pingpong tables. It’s a big open space to go hang out in.”

The recreation room, located on the first floor, also has a big-screen TV and vending machines. The first floor also features a computer lab, three study rooms and a laundry room. A majority of the dorm rooms are on the second and third floors.

“Desmond is always really clean, and if there is a problem, it gets fixed really quickly,” said freshman Desmond resident Melissa Damian. “Activity in dorms really depends on the RA’s and the people that run it, if they are really into it or if they are just treating it as a job. I think the people here really know what they’re doing.”

Desmond Hall has six resident advisors, or RAs, who help coordinate activities and build a sense of community for students.

Destiny Brousard, an RA for Desmond, said that game nights have been one of the most successful programs in Desmond, because it tends to provide community engagement by having residents interact with their peers and resident advisors.

Other programs, such as events with free food, have also been quite successful in Desmond Hall.

“We have had movie nights in Desmond and it’s lovely,” said Jeremy Mota, also a freshman and Desmond resident. “I’m sure [the] American River Courtyard and Riverview have more facilities and nicer stuff than others because they’re newer, but just because you have more stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you have more fun.”  

While students like Mota and others have participated in events, there are many others who have not.

“As a resident advisor, it is quite difficult to get first years involved with the community,” Brousard said. “They’re putting their effort into their academic life, and when they aren’t studying, some would rather go and experience life outside of campus with their friends and create memories.”