OPINION: People in the library, shut the hell up

Let me study in peace and quiet


Khanlin Rodgers - The State Hornet

The University Library and Union are popular places for students to work and study during the day. With enough support, the student-led petition could result in both buildings being accessible 24/7.

Gloria Gibbs

I visit the library on campus to get assignments and studying done, but I wish people in the library would just shut up so I can focus.

Taking phone calls, joking with friends and enjoying that smelly leftover dinner from last night as lunch are all activities you think would take place in the University Union, or maybe outside at a table on campus, but the reality is a lot of students are using the Sacramento State University Library to do these things.

Most public libraries have rules that ban loud talking or accepting phone calls, but the University Library is seemingly more relaxed on these common rules.

The library does offer a quiet study area on the fourth floor, but if it’s a busy day, you may be stuck at a table on the third floor next to a group of loudmouth students, a situation I found myself in recently.

I was planning on looking over my notes in between classes, so I decided to check out the fourth floor silent study area.

The majority of the desks I saw were occupied so I decided to relocate to the third floor, which ended up being a mistake.

The third floor had more groups of students, but there were a few open tables near the door, so I sat down and used what little time I had left for a quick review.

I started people-watching, because the talking in the room made it hard to concentrate on the book in front of me.

I noticed a girl who seemed to be anticipating a group meeting, and I assumed her friends would work on homework or studying.

However, that wasn’t the case. Once the girl’s friend showed up, it became clear that it was a friendly meetup with friends who were most likely all in between classes like me.

It’s annoying when I really wanted to focus on my studies, and I assumed the library would be a good place to focus, but the constant chatter from students makes it hard to concentrate.

The semester is well underway at this point, which means students like myself have exams that require our minds to be focused and need quiet time to study.

In fact, according to an article on The Huffington Post, silence relieves stress and tension. The article also explains that too much noise can cause stress and tension.

Libraries have the ability to relieve tension and stress, if they’re kept to a minimal noise level. The University Library will never achieve this fully, because students are so loud in the library.

I’m a transfer student, and at my old college, the librarian would approach students who were loud, but here it’s like they could care less about the volume.

The library here should be a quiet place. Most libraries are normally quiet spaces. Why does the University Library have to be so different?

Newsflash: It doesn’t have to.

There are too many other locations on campus where talking loudly with friends, or anything else that isn’t quiet for the matter, can be done.

The library shouldn’t be on the list for a hangout spot, unless studying is involved. At that point, the group should be courteous and see about reserving a room so they aren’t distracting other people from learning.

So unless you’re on the fourth floor of the library at Sac State, you are better off studying with the squirrels at a table outside. They are much quieter than students.