OPINION: Sac State needs to be more cost-friendly towards electric vehicles


Alex Daniels - The State Hornet

Enough is enough, Sac State. Let us electric car drivers charge our cars for free.

Alex Daniels, Opinion editor

Gas vehicles are so 2002.

It’s time for Sacramento State to accommodate for my fellow Hornet electric car drivers, and time for more of my fellow Hornets to go electric.

As technology grows and the years go by, electric vehicles are becoming a more realistic option for a buyer. I should know. I have an electric car.

After years of constant car trouble and slowly watching my bank account drop closer to zero after each trip to the gas station with my 2000 Dodge Stratus, it was time for a change.

That’s when I first laid eyes on my 2012 Nissan Leaf. It was love at first sight.

From not having to get my smog checked, having access to the carpool lane no matter what time it is and only spending roughly $15 a month more on my electric bill than spending roughly $40 a month on gas.

With gas prices constantly raising, it becomes more of a financial burden each month to maintain a gas vehicle.

When I first bought my Leaf in 2016, I was still at community college grinding my way through 17 and 18 unit semesters at Folsom Lake College and American River College as I slowly prepared for my stinger to be raised.

At ARC, with a purchase of a daily or semester parking pass, electric vehicles can be charged with no additional charge at their parking structure.

The no additional charge my Leaf at ARC became such a huge asset in terms in saving on my electric bill and getting the most dope parking spot on the first floor of the ARC parking structure.

So, when I finally came to Sac State, my expectations were incredibly high for the school’s accommodations for electric vehicles. I was sadly disappointed.

There’s no secret that the $174 for the semester pass is a lot for a student to handle. But the additional cost to pay for a electric car parking spot can add up for the student. Especially for Parking Structure V, which is $1 an hour for the first four hours and then $10 an hour every hour after.

While $4 for four hours of parking isn’t the most expensive cost, it does add up for students that are driving long distances to come to school and need as much charge as possible.

Students, employees and residents deserve to not have to spend additional money to charge their vehicles.

With Sac State’s current price of parking for me and other Hornets with electric vehicles, it seems to discourages drivers from driving electric than being more environmentally-friendly and cost-friendly towards us.