Your Safeway Monopoly piece could be a winner


Jordyn Dollarhide - The State Hornet

There are 12.5 billion game pieces for the Safeway Monopoly game. Prizes range in value from $5 to $1 million.

Thomas Frey, News editor

Have a stack of unopened Monopoly game pieces from Safeway that keeps growing higher before it topples over to consume the entire table? Is the thought of going through each piece daunting?

Well, you still have time to open them up. The game ends on May 8 and a majority of the prizes are still up for grabs.

There are some prizes that you could realistically win. According to the official winning list, someone won a $300 Spa Day from a Sacramento Safeway.

In order to win a prize, you must collect all of the pieces in that category. It is very easy to get one piece away, but collecting that final piece is extremely difficult because some of them are extremely rare.

Instead of just throwing the pieces away unopened, just take a look to see if you have any of these rare pieces.

Values on prizes you can win range from $5 in cash up to $1 million, with everything in between. Some of those prizes include a spa day, a $1,000 laptop and a $40,000 vehicle of choice. There are 30 different prizes overall.

Here are five prizes you should be on the lookout for. If you have any of these pieces, the remaining pieces will be much easier to find.

108AH – $1 million cash

This is the rarest piece in the game — there are only two available. As of April 17, this top prize still has not been collected. To win it, you need to collect eight different pieces. Of those eight, seven of them are very easy to get. With a total of 1.25 billion game tickets, the probability of your next ticket being the rare winning ticket is just 0.000000000154 percent.

110BB- $1 million vacation home

There are four of these available, but this prize has a second element to it. Overall, this category has eight pieces, but it also has a second rare piece that is needed, 116BH. The official rules say there is one 116BH ticket for every 5,000 game pieces. The odds of 110BB popping up is 1 in 312.5 million. So if you get 110BB, you should go on eBay and buy 116BH which is available for under $100.

235FD- $10 cash

This category only has four pieces, and the one that’s hard to find is 235FD. But there are 40,000 of this winning ticket available. The odds still aren’t great, but there is a 1 in 31,250 chance of winning. You also have the chance of winning a $10 giftcard to Safeway; the ticket to look for is 228EA.

159NC- $1,000 grocery gift card

This category requires four tickets to win, and 159NC is the one that’s least common. There are a total of 100 winners, which gives you a 1 in 12.5 million chance of hitting. Just think, if you won, you would be able to earn a lot more game tickets on grocery purchases using the gift card.

138HB- $200 Family picnic

For this one, there are 750 prizes available and 138HB is one of four different game tickets that you need. $200 could get you a pretty nice picnic, so this prize is a great deal for families. You have a 1 in 1.67 million chance of getting this one.

Overall, all of these have pretty low odds of winning, but when everything is put together, 1 in every 637 game tickets earns a prize — though 91.8 percent of the winners are valued at $5.

Another option is to sell your unopened game pieces on eBay. If you leave them unopened, you can sell them for somewhere roughly between $0.25 and $0.50 each.

All of the rare pieces:

108AH, 110BB, 116BH, 119CC, 121DA, 126EB, 132FD, 135GC, 138HB, 144JD, 145KA, 149LA, 154MB, 159NC, 164OD, 166PB, 172QD, 173RA, 179SC, 181TA, 182TB, 189VD, 190VE, 193WC, 194WD, 199XD, 200XE, 203YB, 206YE, 207ZA, 209ZC, 213AB, 218BC, 220CA, 227DD, 228EA, 235FD, 237GB, 242HC.