And the winners are…


(Illustration by Pierce Grohosky)

The State Hornet Staff

Over the past several weeks, The State Hornet has conducted an extensive poll of members of the Sacramento State community about dozens of their likes (and a few of their dislikes).

Where do we like to eat and study? What are our favorite professors, majors and clubs? What campus events and sports moments over the past year were the most memorable?

And as the school year comes to a close, we have the results and present to you the definitive list of the Best of Sac State(Click on photo for article on the winner)

  • Best Campus Event: Cornel West
  • Best Language Course: American Sign Language
  • Best Coffee: Starbucks
  • Best Sports Moment: Justin Dillon’s no-hitter
  • Best Off-Campus Lunch: Dad’s Sandwiches
  • Best Theater Production: James & The Giant Peach

  • Worst Loss to Davis: 48-30 loss in Causeway Classic – Football
  • Best Spot for Graduation Photoshoot: Path between Calaveras Hall and Alpine Hall
  • Best Place to Play Games: University Union Games
  • Best Trees: Callery Pear
  • Best Motorcycle Parking Location: Between Hornet Bookstore and Parking Structure II
  • Best Summer Break Spot: At home
  • Best App to Procrastinate On: (TIE) Facebook and Instagram

  • Best Time to Start an Essay: One week before it’s due
  • Best Computer Lab: AIRC second floor
  • Best Time to be on Campus: 9 a.m. to noon
  • Best Bathroom: AIRC fourth floor
  • Best On-Campus Beer: Blue Moon
  • Best Spot to Eat Lunch: The University Union

  • Best Housing: American River Courtyard
  • Best Spot to Take a Walk: The University Arboretum
  • Best Spot to People-wach: The University Union
  • Best Parking Structure: Parking Structure I
  • Best Time to Go to The WELL: Early morning
  • Best Non-WELL Workout Spot: Along the American River

  • Best View of Campus: Top of Parking Structure III
  • Best Class at The WELL: (TIE) Zumba and Yoga
  • Best PrintSmart Location: AIRC second floor

  • Best Chill Spot: Trees by River Front Center
  • Best Study Spot: The AIRC
  • Best Campus Breakfast: Gordito Burrito

  • Best Spot for Instagram Backdrop: Path between Calaveras Hall and Alpine Hall
  • Best Hammock Spot: Main Quad near River Front
  • Best Campus Resource: Lassen Hall