Sac State Says: Craziest Business Pitches


Top to bottom: Pierre Balthazar, Christopher Vaeches and Anne Fuller (Photos by various photographers. Illustration by Sebastian Cambrey)

Vu Chau

What are the craziest ideas that Sac State students have pitched to you or consulted with you on in the past?

Dean of College of Business Administration Pierre Balthazard (Photo courtesy of College of business Administration)

Pierre Balthazard

Dean of the College of Business Administration

“There aren’t crazy ideas, I think some of the best products in the world are sometimes seen as being crazy. Best products I’ve seen are half-baked and sometimes ill-prepared to paint a vision. Sometimes these entrepreneurs don’t realize the amount of work needed to create the idea.”


Christopher Vaeches (Photo by Vu Chau)

Christopher Vaeches

Senior, Entrepreneurship & Marketing Double Major and president of the Sacramento Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs

“One that I thought was funny was a jacket that would turn into a blanket — kind of like a Snuggie, but you could actually wear it and look good.”


Business professor Anne Fuller (Photo courtesy of College of Business Administration)

Anne Fuller

Professor, College of Business Administration

“An exotic fruit import business. The student had relatives in Southeast Asia and was aware that some regulations on fruit importation were changing (but, the class) found that a firm recently opened in Southern California with this exact business model, so I encouraged the student to contact the firm about a northern California expansion opportunity.”


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