Why you should listen to music all day long

Tiffany Martel

If you are looking for way to relieve stress, look no further than Spotify or Pandora.

What’s the one thing that you have with you all day when you’re walking from class to class?

Sometimes, we see students with cellphones in their hands, but what is most common is that thin, white, long earphone piece connecting their phones to their ears.

It gives students something to keep busy: walking to their cars or in between classes; while studying in the Academic Information Resource Center; or while sitting in commuter traffic to and from campus.

Whether sitting in the University Union, the gym or walking to cars, students are listening to music everywhere they go. And it’s not a bad thing, because it can actually benefit students. Many studies show that listening to music can relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, it can also make you feel happier and take a more positive outlook on the current situation. Some students may feel like music lets them escape from a bad day; for most of us, it’s just for entertainment.

With music surrounding us 24/7, it’s the one constant thing that is there for us during the hectic days. So every time you see students walking around with their headphones in their ears or see their heads bobbing in the car, they are probably best left alone to deal with their overwhelmed lives in a healthy way.