The Health Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage

Brittney Christ

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On June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage was voted into federal law by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling. Social media has blown up over this topic, with supporters and those who oppose alike. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr were covered in rainbows and even offered rainbow options to have the user support the cause. Twitter attached a rainbow heart if the user used the hashtag #LoveWins, and Facebook offered to have a rainbow overlay the user’s profile picture.

Even though there are naysayers, the majority of social media has had a positive reaction to the gay marriage ruling.

Supporting this cause has in turn caused an increase in friendships and popularity for the supporter. In California – a predominantly Democratic state – support seems to be overwhelming. To oppose gay marriage means you are an outsider. Anyone who makes remarks about the sanctity of marriage or how homosexuality is an abomination on a Facebook post gets shot down quickly.

Memes are popping up all over Tumblr, and the supporters are laughing at the opposition’s attempts to leave the U.S. (because the U.S. is apparently going to hell in a handbag) and escape to “morally-just” Canada, even though Canada legalized gay marriage ten years ago.

But what no one is thinking about is the other efforts for equality that still need to be achieved, in addition to what gay marriage really means for everyone.

There are some huge health benefits by allowing same-sex couples the right to marry.

One of the benefits is hospital visitation. That is not something the average person thinks about as a daily struggle, but for same-sex couples having the right to marry means they are labeled as “family” and allowed visitation to their spouses. The spouse is also able to make medical decisions for their loved one because the hospital will recognize their relationship.

Same-sex couples will also qualify for the benefits of healthcare since they are now able to marry. This will ensure a better healthcare system with a better economy and happier, healthier people in that economy. No one should be denied the right to affordable healthcare, and by getting the marriage benefits healthcare will be more accessible.

The most prevalent and exciting health benefit is adoption. There are numerous benefits from this one, including the orphanages, the foster care system and the children themselves. Studies have shown that same-sex couples raise kids just as happy and healthy as heterosexual families.

The same-sex marriage ruling also allows both parents the right to become legal adoptive parents, which has been previously denied. Now, both of the parents will be recognized and treated as “equal applicants” for the adoption process.

So now that same-sex marriage is legal throughout all 50 states, can we stop calling it “gay marriage,” or “same-sex marriage,” and just call it marriage?