A tale of two cheeses

State Hornet Staff

What started as an attempt to become the world’s first edible plate resulted in a glorious masterpiece of a creation that took the United States by storm as a staple of American culture.

What am I referring to? I mean the steamiest, the cheesiest, the sometimes greasiest concoction of tomato sauce and dough topped off by a gracious layer of mozzarella – pizza.

A few days ago, I checked out a new pizza joint called Pieology, a chain brand that is now taking their business to downtown Sacramento. Their options to build your own pizza with varying choices in sauces, cheese, veggies and meats creates hundreds, if not thousands of combinations just begging to be created on a relatively thin crust.

While I was scarfing down my second helping of their fast-baked pizza, I noticed it was thin enough to bend Brooklyn style and did so with pleasure. Thinking about Brooklyn made me think about Chicago, and led me to consider the age-old question: New York or Chicago style?

This has been left for debate without an end. But me being the pizza enthusiast that I am, will attempt to dissect both sides and give an answer to this saucy feud.

I have worked at a local pizza place where I used to live in Los Angeles, so I’ve had the opportunity to know the ins and outs of what makes a slice taste the way it does.

New York slices offer a thin, foldable pizza emphasizing an easy on-the-go bite to grab that you could take anywhere, from the subway to work to during your job interview if you want to impress your employer by showing him/her your acute sense of taste. No way anyone would not want to admire your need for food to be just like your pace: fast.

Chicago style pizza fully envelops itself in the idea that you want to be taken seriously by having a traditional lunch item as a casserole-type dinner. Instead of having the one, flimsy triangle of cheese, sauce and toppings, let the world know you mean business by having a deep dish, pizza-on-pizza meal requiring utensils to properly engage your food.

Now I know both options sound impossible to choose from. Do you take that dollar slice of simplistic beauty or go for an all-out assortment of ingredient-saturated complexity?

The way it should be seen before seeing one as better than the other is that pizza is pizza. And any pizza made right is a pizza with results to make your mouth water with an insatiable hunger.

However, In my opinion, New York takes the cake. Or pie really.

The East Coast wins as far as pizza goes because of its flexibility. If you want to grab lunch with friends or have something in your belly before working a full shift, a giant triangular piece of pie suddenly becomes your best friend.

Chicago does have a time and place for consumption, but despite it being the less greasy of the two options, it can’t beat convenience. Yes, each bite has more to offer but it takes away from the classic pizza experience New York gives each time flawlessly.