Matchmaking website acts like prostitution

State Hornet

College students are finding new ways to pay off that dreaded student loan, and it isn’t by picking up extra hours at the office. is a matchmaking website that refers to its younger users as “sugar babies” who post their profiles along with a sultry photo and a required monthly allowance to date them. The older men and women seeking relationships on the website and who also provide the allowance are referred to as “sugar daddies” or “sugar mommas.”

Wait a minute: This seems wrong on so many levels.

Brandon Wade is the founder of and developed the dating site as a solution for his own difficulty with finding relationships. He felt that his financial success did not make up for his looks and created the website to find a dating arrangement where financial support is exchanged for emotional intimacy.

Old men and cougars alike are on the hunt for the kind of dating arrangements Wade is offering.

According to Wade, the average sugar baby is 27 and often is in college or has a college degree while the average sugar daddy or sugar momma is 40 years old and makes at least $250,000 a year. Yet, Wade admits that 40 percent of the men on are married, a disturbing statistic. treats relationships as though they are business agreements. Essentially, it is a mistress and boy toy matchmaking site.

The users are exchanging financial support for affection. Well, it sure does sound like a less vulgar way of describing prostitution.

The website claims that sex is not an expectation in these arrangements. Let’s be honest. A married 40-year-old sugar daddy or sugar momma looking for a 20-something sugar baby sounds like an arrangement to satisfy sexual cravings.

Stephanie Goldberg of CNN spoke with sugar baby Serena Cervantes, who claims that sexual consent in a relationship will likely result in more gifts from her benefactor.

Cervantes even admitted that she prefers dating married men because they offer a steadier source of income than single men. is the not a place for married men to be searching for “friendship.” By taking part in such a site, these spouses are clearly flushing the sanctity of marriage down the toilet.

As for the sugar babies, many of them claim to use the financial support to pay off student loans and maintain the lifestyle they want without slaving for it. Yet, many of us recognize that this is exactly why we decided to go to college to begin with.

Here’s an idea: use your degree to get a job.