Dog days of summer

Alexis Atwood

Gov. Jerry Brown recently passed a bill that would allow dogs into restaurants. Granted, dogs can only be in the outside sections of restaurants and would not be allowed in if it has a history of attacking people.

This may get Fido out of the scorching sun while you enjoy lunch, he should ultimately be left at home.

While everyone loves their version of Fido, he might not be the best behaved dog around. He may be a beggar or even a barker, these two things alone would make a dog owner hesitate to bring their dog with them.

If he is a beggar, other patrons would have to worry about Fido’s nose being in their food if they were close enough. He could even trip the waiter because he gets excited smelling the food being carried.

If a dog really was close enough to another table to beg, it might pose the danger of him consuming dangerous foods like chocolate or small bones.

While loud noises should be expected while sitting outside, a constantly barking dog would quickly get on people’s nerves. People do not want to deal with a dog that is constantly getting riled up at the smallest things and creating a scene every few minutes.

This causes distractions to other tables and it leaves the owner in a constant state of panic, wondering what will set him off next or trying to calm him down.

Even though a dog may have the best manners possible, it is important to remember that in public, you not only cater to your needs but the needs of others around you.

While eating in a restaurant, people are searching for a clean environment to eat be in, and a dog has to do their “business” just like everyone else around them.

It leaves the restaurants with the responsibility of either having a specific area for pooches to go to the bathroom in or they deal with the mess once the owner has paid for their meal and left.

Even if there is a specific area, it is not likely for an owner to immediately know when their dog has to use the bathroom and will only notice during or after his business is completed.

It also leaves the problem of the smell, which is something not everyone wants to take a whiff of once they are sitting down for a meal.

A common problem recently being brought to attention is how people are leaving their dogs in the car as they are eating or shopping.

This is never an acceptable option and instead some people decide to bring their dogs with them and leave them to roast on the cement next to them.

For the sake of others around you, leaving your dog at home is the best route to take. While it may not be the ideal situation for you or your pooch, it saves everyone’s ,including your own, sanity.