Weekend binge drinking the classy way

State Hornet Staff

Restaurants are packed on the weekends with groups consuming bottomless mimosas, typically before 2 p.m. What once was looked down on as an alcoholics activity, drinking mid-morning is now embraced and should be improved on by local restaurants.  

Restaurants cater to a crowd of diverse individuals with the desire to throw a few back during the brunch timeframe.

Bottomless mimosa consumers have a two-fold agenda: to socialize and to drink. Restaurant management has to cater to these two demands in order to be the location of choice.

Everyone wants a good value for their dollar, so weekend bottomless mimosas is a no brainer.  

Brunch establishments are vast in the downtown Sacramento area with many locations offering bottomless mimosas near a low price of $10. Whether you drink one mimosa or 25, the cost stays the same, but the behavior of the consumer changes.

Restaurant owners have jumped on the bandwagon to keep up with surrounding competition and started offering what their customers want.

Bottomless mimosas to the consumer makes sense. The mix of orange juice and champagne is the magical mixture to a relaxing weekend. Free refills on an alcoholic beverage gives the customer the freedom to drink as much as they want.   

Although, the easy-to-drink concoction lends drinkers to possibly finding the bottom of the bottomless mimosa, leading to an early night.

The issue restaurants run into is often based on how quickly a server refills the glass. If the server is too slow, the customer feels they’re being stingy because they don’t want to deal with an unruly table.

“I like the way De Vere’s does it, because you don’t have to wait on a server,” said senior, communication studies major Brenna Holloway. “But I can appreciate a healthy balance of good service.”

Restaurants serve their customers in different ways. De Vere’s Irish Pub on 1521 L Street serves a carafe of orange juice and a bottle of champagne, allowing the customer to serve themselves at their own speed.

“About four or five months ago we decided to require that bottomless mimosas can be purchased only with food – you need to eat,” said server at De Vere’s Neill Little. “Other locations, like Ink, serve one [mimosa] at a time and that would be annoying, I personally love giving the customer the opportunity to be a bartender by being able to pour their own champagne and orange juice.”

Conversely, other restaurants actually serve single glasses of the mixture already made, such as Ink Eats and Drinks on 2730 N Street.

“I hate having to wait for mimosas, when I spend $10 and the waiter only comes around four to five times I am being jipped,” downtown resident and frequent bottomless mimosa drinker Willie McGonigal said.

Other locations in the area, such as Republic on 908 15th Street, just started offering mimosas at one dollar.

All these restaurants take into consideration their customers need to be responsible when consuming bottomless mimosas, now the real deal is for the customer to act responsibly.