Former engineering dean asked Sacramento State to reconsider removal

Ilian Cervantes-Branum

Emir Macari, the former dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, was informed in January he would not be retained in his administrative position.

In a memorandum sent from Vice President of Human Resources Christine Lovely, an investigation under Sacramento State’s Reconsideration Procedure found Macari would be permanently relieved of his duties as dean, but was fully paid including benefits until Feb. 28. His employment status changed to faculty on March 1.

Macari could not be reached for comment.

The reconsideration procedure outlines two levels of review that can be utilized by management employees to request review of personnel actions such as promotion, retention and assignment.

While the second level allows the employee to directly appeal to President Alexander Gonzalez, Vice President Mike Lee served as the president’s designee, and rendered the final decision affirming Macari would be not retained in his position, according to the memo.

Lovely said she had no comment regarding the personnel matters of employees due to privacy concerns.

Macari was placed on administrative leave in December, and the university has not provided details relating to his dismissal.

In April, Macari was summoned to appear in front of the Senate Rules Committee as part of his confirmation to the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission. While he has served as a member since 2010, the Rules Committee called on Macari to testify after receiving written complaints.

When asked why he was no longer the dean, Macari said he served at the pleasure of the president, and Gonzalez wanted Macari to do “certain things” that Macari felt were not in his best interest. As a result, Macari said he walked away from the position and his status on an electronic record indicated “voluntary change.”

On April 21, Sen. Darrell Steinberg confirmed Macari to the commission, after reviewing an official document saying Macari had left voluntarily.

Sac State announced Monday it will be hosting an open forum this month for four candidates to replace Macari as dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.