Record number applicants may lead to enrollment impaction

Timothy Sandoval

Sacramento State is considering applying for campus-wide enrollment impaction this month, which would close the door to many transfer and freshman applicants to the school.Impaction came on the table when enrollment officials went through the thousands of applications for the 2010-2011 academic year, and found that enrollment could potentially exceed funding from the budget by 1,000 students.This year marked a record number of qualified applicants to Sac State; 12,000 freshman and 8,800 transfer students. According to state law, the university must accept all these applicants because they are qualified. Lori Varlotta, vice president of student affairs, said the record number of qualified students cannot be served given the budget situation.

“We are just not funded at all,” Varlotta said.

Projections for next years budget show anywhere from a six percent to 18 percent cut in funds from the 2009-2010 school year. Edward Mills, vice president for enrollment management, estimated that the Sac State could be under funded $4.1 million for the extra students.”The budget is going down at the same time that the demand to get into the school is spiraling upward,” said Sac State Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Sheley. “You can’t just let it keep going that way or we won’t even come close to providing services.”

The deadline to apply for impaction to the Chancellors office is April 30.

Sheley, Mills, and Varlotta have made presentations about impaction to President Alexander Gonzalez’s cabinet, the Faculty Senate, and will make a presentation to ASI next Wednesday. Varlotta and Sheley held a forum on the topic on. Wednesday inAmador Hall.The three will be giving more presentations throughout the month of April before drafting the proposal to the chancellor’s office.

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