Why women love Halloween

Mikhail Chernyavsky

It seems that since graduating from the eighth grade, and some before, most people appear to have left behind their innocence of Halloween. Like most people, I do not know the origins of Halloween. What I do know is that it is that one-day of the year in which we enjoy answering the doorbell, and not having to worry about a Jehovah’s Witness being at the door. It is also because they do not celebrate Halloween.

It is the day on which it is sociably acceptable for me to act like myself, a child. While doing so, others can find joy in watching me try to embed frightening images into the minds of the young ones in hopes that they will not sleep for the rest of the week.

As I get older, however, the focus of Halloween has shifted from a night for acts of tomfoolery to a night of scandalous apparel. It is as if women try harder each year to out do each other in what appears to be a competition for who is the prime scarlet of the evening.

Lindsay Lohan’s character in the film “Mean Girls,” yes men can watch this movie, summed it up perfectly. “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Never in my life have I ever seen a girl so happy to hear, “Oh my God, you look like such a big harlot,” then on Halloween. It is as if it were a celebration of your scandalous creativity. Every year Tinkerbell seems to be wearing less clothing. I won’t be surprised to see her in nothing but wings, pasties, and a thong one day.

Why does this seem to be the trend as we leave behind the days of old in which our hearts were pure and clean?

The answer lies in rebellion. According to a WebMD article child development professor David Elkind, PhD, and psychologist, and professor, Amy Bobrow, PhD, explain that teenagers today are facing more social pressures at a younger age.

So it is only natural for us to raise the stakes in what is to be considered rebellious. If you were to try marijuana at 18 and the person next to you did it at 13, then it doesn’t seem as “cool.”

Also, I believe it has to do with our desire to not simply be wanted but to be lusted over. It is a night on which they can show off a little extra skin without being subjected to judgment. Any woman that dresses in a short skirt, which reveals just enough of her thigh to have men guessing how many more inches until you can see the rest, is just looking for attention. And, any woman that gets offended by a man’s stare is secretly jumping in side; because, Halloween is the night in which women are happy to objectify themselves.

So all there is to do is to enjoy this unique Halloween treat. Just remember, like candy, no matter how sweet they might be, these girls may just be the worst things for your health.

Mikhail Chernyavsky can be reached at [email protected]