Understanding is the key to having three

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Sex is quickly turned into nothing more than an animalistic act of sweat, moans and groans, as two women are ravished by one sex-god of a man.

Just about every man has fantasized about being with two women and throwing them into a world of ecstasy. Then again, there are men who are still dreaming of throwing one woman into that world.

What makes the threesome so appealing to some people?

From pretending to listen to what she has to say to caring about how cute her little cat is, it is hard enough work to get one woman to sleep with most men. I cannot even imagine what work would have to go into getting two women to go to bed with one man. It is hard enough pleasing one woman for some men. What is a guy supposed to do with two disappointed women?

As you know, I am no prude when it comes to sexual exploration, but, like platonic friendships, the aftermath of a threesome can be just as dangerous.

“It can be tricky within a relationship,” junior interior design major Noemi Castro said.

When emotions are involved, the result is usually jealousy. Guys, if a girlfriend gets jealous when you simply hang out with other female friends, then imagine how your girlfriend will feel when you are going downtown on another girl in front of her, and vice-versa for the ladies.

Even on “Sex and the City,” Samantha, who is nothing but an alpha woman, gets jealous of another woman who is joining her and her alpha male of a boyfriend, Richard, for a little menage a trois.

“There has to be an understanding from all three people,” junior mechanical engineering major Tony Bagnani said.

I agree with Bagnani. Understanding is the key. If you are in a relationship, make sure that neither one of you has any real close connection to the third person. The last thing any girl wants to hear is that her best friend was better in bed. And I’m sure that no guy wants to hear from his girlfriend that her best friend was better than him. Above all, the most important thing is to remember that it is just sex and nothing more. Not to degrade anyone, but the third person is nothing more than a sex toy with better features.

Sophomore pre-nursing major Erica Westphal disagrees. She asked a friend to join her and her boyfriend for a three-way.

“It is a turn-on seeing another girl do things to my boyfriend,” Westphal said.

She added that she is confident in her sexual skills, and knows her boyfriend won’t leave her for someone else.

Trust is also important. Both partners must trust each other and know that neither one will be jealous over the other.

I was surprised to find that most students I talked to were as divided on the topic as the legs of a bride on her wedding night.

Senior accounting major Samantha Peterson finds the whole issue “bizarre.”

“It’s their own deal,” she said.

Bagnani also has no interest in threesomes.

Know your significant other, because he or she may not be as excited to add a new person into the bedroom.

Like any sexual experience, know what you are getting into, because I know that two guys and a girl does not work for me.

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