June 24, 2017

Tobacco to be banned at all CSUs effective Sept. 1

Tobacco use, including smoking cigarettes, using electronic cigarettes, hookah, snuff and chewing tobacco will not be allowed on all CSU campuses effective September 1. (Photo by Matthew Nobert)

Use of tobacco will be banned on all California State University campuses by Sept. 1 according to an executive order from Chancellor Timothy White released on April 7.

Any designated smoking areas on CSU campuses must be smoke and tobacco free by September, and the ban will also cover the use of electronic cigarettes, hookah, snuff and chewing tobacco.

According to the order, each campus must create a task force to implement the tobacco ban. One member of the task force from each campus will, in turn, serve on a systemwide task force “to ensure all campuses are adequately moving forward with the implementation of this policy.”

At Sacramento State, smoking is allowed except indoors, within 20 feet of a building entry and on major walkways.

The State Hornet will update this story as more information becomes available.

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John Ferrannini

John Ferrannini is the co-Editor-in-Chief at The State Hornet. He is a junior at Sacramento State, where he is majoring in journalism. He enjoys writing about politics and profiling interesting people. He can be reached at editor@statehornet.com or jferr1995@gmail.com.


  1. Another misguided shot at e-cigs. The CSU should be encouraging people to quit smoking and vape instead for the health reasons alone. This is going backwards, not forward.

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