The State Hornet

Beyond the tan

Marisa Hildebrand

September 24, 2014

Fall is here, but that cloudy weather does not mean it is time to stash the summer sunscreen.Thomas Leveritt’s three minute video "How the Sun Sees You" capitalized with over 13 million views on YouTube, and forced many to rethink the sunblock.The video candidly filmed several people through ultravi...

California stands to benefit from legalizing weed

California stands to benefit from legalizing weed

Jaime Carrillo

September 17, 2013

The U.S. Department of Justice ruled Aug. 29 that it would not interfere with recent laws in Washington and Colorado that would allow for the sale and taxation of recreational pot. Now is the time for California to jump on the “legalize it” bandwagon.The federal government infringing on states’ rights...

Sac State students talk about what makes them feel part of the campus community

Isabel Ward

March 23, 2013

Sacramento State students voiced what they like about the campus and about being a Sac State Hornet. I went out and interviewed several students to get their perspective on what makes them feel at home here. “This is a second home for me because I’m always here,” said senior biology major Tina Dui...

Local parkour practitioners use skills, smarts, bravery.

Local parkour practitioners use skills, smarts, bravery.

Kayla Oliverio

March 19, 2013

A traceur is someone who runs at a wall or the edge of a roof and then flips, leaps or falls with a grace mere mortals could only hope to imitate. Traceurs practice the sport of parkour, an activity seeing an increase in urban areas, including Sacramento. Parkour, which was derived from “parcours du...

YouTube helps new artists find fans

Chris Lopez

December 5, 2012

YouTube provides a place where one can stream just about any song on demand and has become the primary source of discovering new music, surpassing both radio and television. However this does come at a price. The site is also known for album leaks and constant posts of illegal downloads in video descript...