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GAME THEORY: Street Fighter X Tekken

Nathan Mendelowitz March 20, 2012

The allure of "Street Fighter X Tekken" is that it pits fighters from the “Street Fighter” franchise against fighters from the “Tekken” franchise, both of which have been on opposite ends of the...

Motion tech has potential to include serious gamers

Nathan Mendelowitz February 16, 2012

Motion technology is relatively new. Starting with the Nintendo Wii in 2006, it ushered in a new way to play games and made Nintendo stand out as an innovator. Gamers are now able to interact with...

Xbox 360 problems an issue

Nathan Mendelowitz February 7, 2012

The Xbox 360 has faced technical problems since it’s been on the market. From the “Red Ring of Death” to simple game freezes, its had a rough life-span. Unfortunately, a new problem has developed,...

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