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Should we accept sex, violence, and crude language as normal?

Brandie Maguire

July 10, 2015

Sex and violence are becoming more acceptable in our media-intensive culture.Most nightly news stations report on at least one murder or death every program. On Facebook, there is an abundance of celebrity news focused on people who are captured cursing or mocking traditional values.As a society, our ...

Sexual assault down from 2012

Kellie McCown

October 8, 2014

While sexual assault on California colleges and universities has been on the rise, Sacramento State has seen a significant drop in reported sexual assault cases on campus since 2012.The mandated annual Clery Report shows one reported forcible sexual assault case on campus in 2013, with no forcible incid...

Grand Theft Auto not responsible for real life violence

Grand Theft Auto not responsible for real life violence

Jaime Carrillo

October 1, 2013

Violent video games are the favorite scapegoat for all  problems ailing the modern world but have little to do with actual, real-life murder.Before taking down a conception the media seems to have about video games, I love video games, but tend to shy away from any game with guns, knives, blood, se...

Being a celebrity does not make domestic violence acceptable

Kaitlin Bruce

March 6, 2013

It seems these days that celebrities can do no wrong - all they have to do is come out with a catchy song or a hit movie and all is forgiven. Though that is not always the case, the domestic violence case involving Chris Brown and Rihanna in 2009 have caused the rapper criticism from all over the world....