The State Hornet

The skewed representation of minorities in news media

Rian Edignton

November 10, 2014

The media has the power of information; there is no tool with which people can be more easily shaped than that. Because media has the power of information it is also important to be able to identify when the media is being one-sided or misrepresentative of a subject.One such example of misrepresented p...

Students soothe the tensions of Ferguson

Johanna Pugh

October 9, 2014

No matter the era, location or identity of the person bringing it up, talking about race can be a touchy subject.One of the first steps in addressing the issue of racism and attempting to get to a point of understanding could be through communicating with one another.“Not Just Ferguson” was an inf...

Music and moods

Daniel Magalit

October 1, 2014

Music has been known to evoke emotion in people, but can it also alter one’s mood? Sacramento State students and staff may have the answer and an explanation.“Yes, songs can definitely change moods, I like to listen to Nujabes (a Japanese hip-hop DJ and producer) to relax and Anthrax (an American...